It is to clarify that the Time Scale of 5400 in PB2 is required to be given to Group B officers after 4 years from the date there are placed in GP 4800 either on ACP/MACP or on promotion.

Monday, June 28, 2010


Dear Friends,
We were on a short trip to Delhi from 20th to 24th instant to pursue the restructuring work , that is likely to be finalised byHRM within a couple of weeks; in addition to that we got an appointment, of the Secretary General of Suerintendents Association on 21st of this month.
As everybody anxious about the Kolkata High Court Case, we applogise for not updating the blog for quite some time, on 17th of June Department submitted its affidavit to court and the appellant was initially given one week time for their rejoinder to file, the appellant again asked for an extension of time; right after the submission of the rejoinder department will get another oppurtunity to submit addtional arguement if any.
Some members/non-members/circle Secretaries suspected about the activity of the Association; in fact for submission of Affidavit govt took three months while court has given three weeks time initially. It is true the situation is unbearable for the All India Association and certainly when association actively trying to expedite the case, it can not be said that the case has no merit and it is also true that for this reason entire cadre should not suffer. Only to pursue submission of affidavit association spent at least twenty days in different formation of CBEC .
We know that most of our members learned gentlemen, though we have only 6000(app.) mebership of which we are getting subscription of only 4500 members. Some of the units failed to understand the necessity of sending of subscription regularly. In fact it is not possible to give every detail in the blog, as of now AICEIA is the most dynamic Associationunder CBEC.
In delhi on 21st instant we requested Secretary General of Superintendent Association and Secretary General of Ministerial Association in seperate meetings to form a Departmental JCA as it exists in CBDT. Though Ministerial Association was positive we have not yet got any positive response from the Superintendent Association. For revised pay scale from 01.01.1996/1986 and the discrimination of superintendents in the restructuring we requested superintendent Association to plan for agitational programme, it is transpired by one of the leaders of superintendent Association from pune that for both the issues can be tkaen up in Supreme Court, Our Association's view was that we have got hundreads of favourable judgement in our favour over the years but failed to implement most of them beacause of our weekness of organising organisational action programme. However it appeared to us that our senior brother's leadership are not keen to take any action programme, and moreover they want programme if any that should be on Saturdays and Sundays.
However, we would like to request our members/nonmembers keep sending your advice and take part in active discussion with the superintendent Association for achieving our goal.
Thanking you


The second installment for this year (2010) of Dearness Allowance (DA) is awaited with lots of expectations…

The main expectation among lakhs of Central Government Employees will be announcement of the next additional installment of Dearness Allowance (DA) for this year….

The reasons are many…

Employees getting only 3% annual increment for one year and those who are getting promotion, they are also getting only Grade Pay difference + 3% annual increment after waiting for several years. But nowadays employees are getting Dearness allowance percentage much than annual increment due to all commodities price increase.

Dearness Allowance is an essential component of salary, it is based on monthly All India Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers (Base year 2001-100) announced by the Labour Bureau – Government of India from time to time. After 6th CPC only the Government directed that the Dearness Allowance has to be calculated based on AICPIN with the base year 2001-100.

We have clearly stated in our site that the Dearness Allowance (DA) from Jan-2010 to Jun-2010 should be 8% with appropriate proof. Some had doubt about this, but the Government accepted and the 8% Dearness Allowance (DA) was announced (19.03.2010) from Jan-2010.

As of now, the situation demands increase in Dearness Allowance (DA) from Jul-2010 to Dec-2010 should be 44% and it will confirmed only when the All India Consumer Price Index (AICPIN) for May and June to be published. But when the index value 170 decreases to 165 or low for the next two months, the Dearness Allowance (DA) will be 8%. If it increases from 170 to 173 and above, there is a chance that the Dearness Allowance (DA) shoots up to 10%. Till now, we can conclude that additional Dearness Allowance (DA) will be 9% because there is no relief in the prices of essential commodities. But the Government will be strictly monitoring the situation and control prices that the AICPIN (All India Consumer Price Index Number for Industrial Workers (CPI-IW) on base 2001=100) value doesn’t go up.

In the next year, when DA crosses 50% all allowances will get a hike up to 25% as per the 6th CPC recommendations. This will bring some relief to the employees.

The Pensioners, State Government employees and who are all getting pay as per 5th CPC also looks forward eagerly waiting for the announcement of increase in Dearness Allowance (DA).

We have to wait for this announcement for almost two months.

Source: CG Staff News