It is to clarify that the Time Scale of 5400 in PB2 is required to be given to Group B officers after 4 years from the date there are placed in GP 4800 either on ACP/MACP or on promotion.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Update by Com. Ravi Mallik on CR

Dear friends,
CBEC wants to start the exercise/home work of promotions from group B to group A immediately in accordance of the CR proposal approved by CRC on 27.08.13. The list of the officers, whose ACR dossiers & vigilance clearance etc. are required, will be issued very soon. Volunteers are required from our officers throughout India to work in HRD at Delhi to look after the work of compilation & monitoring of these ACR dossiers & vigilance clearance etc. All the units & members are requested to come forward for this work, at least 2 officers from each zone. Two officers from Cochin Customs have already shown their willingness to our Association for this work. Particularly the names of the officers, whose families are settled in Delhi or who wants to come to Delhi due to their prevailing circumstances/compassionate grounds, may kindly be forwarded to All India Body immediately. Other interested officers, including those who are on the verge of promotion, may also play an important role in the matter based on the precedent of Mr. Zulu who came to Delhi from Hyderabad for DPC work of last promotion orders of Superintendent to AC. It is required to expedite the work of promotion from group B to group A, particularly keeping in view the large number of monthly retirements of our officers. So, kindly don't hesitate to come forward treating the matter as the MOST IMMEDIATE.
2. New strength approved by Cadre Review Committee is as below-

                    Approved by CRC                      Existing
1 Apex                     14                                      0
2 HAG+                    38                                      0
3 HAG                    100                                    47
4 SAG                    340                                   295
5 JAG                     932                                   593
6 STS                    801                                   601
7 JTS                   1249                                   949

Total Regular/permanent 3474

Reserve pool 250
8     STS      1199
9      JTS        919
Total Temporary 2118
Ravi Malik.


The CR proposals of CBEC have been cleared by COS on 27.08.2013. Many people have contacted me to inform them about which batch officers will be marched ahead to lowest rung of GR-A in IRS cadre. In this connection ,I would like to inform that total nos.of AC/DC posts likely to be created in course of such CR during 2013-14 come to 2868 nos. Total nos.of posts likely to be vacated during 2013-14 on accounts of promotions to higher posts come to 492 nos. Existing vacancies during 2012-13 & 2013-14 and posts likely to be vacated during rest of the year 2013-14 on account of retirement and promotions against existing vacancies in higher posts come to around 300. Thus t otal posts of 3660 nos. in AC grade will be available and out of such posts only 150 will be allotted to DR. The remaining 3510 will be filled up on promotions from Gr-B gazetted. In the 13.2.1 ratio, only 2850 nos.of Superintendent of Central Excise will likely to be promoted. Therefore the general category officers who joined on or before 31.12.1983 as Inspector and promoted to the grade of Superintendent during 2002 will be promoted provided cabinet approves for implementation of CR at one stage during 2013-14. 
Similarly 8150 nos( 5150+2850) Inspector will be promoted to the grade of Superintendent. This will some how solve the regional disparity in promotion prospectively. But the Examiners of 2000 batch will be promoted to AC. The right to equality guaranteed under Article 14 the position is well settled that the said right ensures equality amongst equals and its aim is to protect persons similarly placed against discriminatory treatment. It means that all persons similarly circumstanced shall be treated alike both in privileges conferred and liabilities imposed. Conversely discrimination may result if persons dis similarly situate are treated equally. Even amongst persons similarly situate differential treatment would be permissible between one class and the other. In that event it is necessary that the differential treatment should be founded on an intelligible differentia which distinguishes persons or things that are grouped together from others left out of the group and that differentia must have a rational relation to the object sought to be achieved by the statute in question.” Therefore it is now required that all Associations should demand for parity amongst the Examiners. If parity with Examiners will be granted then automatically, the regional disparity will be removed. Recently, I got a message from Coimbatore that SC/ST Association are moving to CAT to stay the CR on the ground that no roaster register is being maintained by Board . Similarly , I got a message from Mumbai that Pune, Mumbai and Kolakata associations are moving to CAT (PB) to obtain a stay on implementation of CR on the ground that first regional disparity should be removed before implementation of CR. Hence CR of CBEC may not be implemented during next 3 years at least.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

TV9 News clipping on Gold smuggling in Hyderabad Airport

Update on CR by Com.Loknath Mishra

T he Central Board of Excise and Customs submitted initially a proposal for creation of around 3900 nos. of Gr-A posts. The DOPT with discussions with the then FM reduced the proposals to around 2500 nos of Gr-A posts. However FM agreed to create around 3400 nos. of Group -A posts . Finally the Committee of Secretaries headed by Cabinet Secretary have cleared for creation of 3360 nos. of Gr-A posts in CBEC on 27.08.13. The proposal now will be placed before next meeting of Cabinet for approval. The break up of such 3360 nos. posts are furnished below:
Apex-14, HAG+ 38. HAG- 100, SAG- 340, STS/JTS- 2868 ( 500 regular, 250 LR, 2118 temporary) Out of these 3360 nos. new Gr-A posts, only 150 nos. may be allotted for direct recruitment and the rest 3110 plus the entire existing vacant posts may be allotted to promotees. I once again congratulate to them , who addressed us donkey, idiot and stupid in this group particularly by certain veteran leaders. God bless them.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

COS Approved the CR proposal

According to the information received the Committee of Secretaries finally approves CBEC Cadre Review today - 14 Apex Grade posts approved; 38 HAG+ & 100 HAG + 340 SAG + 2118 posts approved for promotion from Group B to Group A. Details are awaited.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

File online RTI pleas for all central govt depts from today

File online RTI pleas for all central govt depts from today

New Delhi, August 21, 2013(PTI): Citizens will be able to file RTIapplications online from Wednesday in all central government ministries and departments in the national capital.
Minister of State for Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions V Narayanasamy will launch the portal– www.rtionline.gov.in– at a function in Delhi on Wednesday.
Moving further towards greater transparency in governance, the government has started as a pilot project the facility of filing online RTI applications from April.
The facility, which was earlier restricted for information related to theDepartment of Personnel and Training (DoPT), was in a phased-manner extended to 37 central government ministries and departments. “This facility would be extended to all the Ministries or Departments of Government of India with effect from August 21, 2013,” said an official of DoPT, which acts as nodal department for the implementation of the transparency law.
The Centre’s flagship Right to Information Act, which was enacted in 2005, mandates timely response — within 30 days — to citizen requests for government information.
One has to pay a fee of Rs 10 for seeking information. An information seeker can submit a fee of Rs 10 via Internet banking through SBI and its associated banks using the website. One can also use credit or debit cards.
At present, the text of an application that can be uploaded at the prescribed column (on the website while filing application) is confined to 500 words only. “In case an application contains more than 500 words, it can be uploaded as an attachment,” the official said, adding that an applicant will also get an alert on his or her mobile about movement of the applications.
Information seekers can also get answers to their queries related to the portal on telephone number 011-24622461 during normal office hours, the official said.
The President and Vice President’s Office, Ministry of Personnel, Ministry of Home Affairs, External Affairs Ministry, CBEC, CBDT and Union Public Service Commission are among 37 ministries or departments facilitating online RTI applications.
“This is a very progressive achievement it will help people who are technological savvy to file RTI applications online,” said Venkatesh Nayak, coordinator (access to information programme), Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative.

The facility of filing online RTI applications is currently not proposed to be extended for field offices, attached or subordinate offices of the central government.


MACP Order

Monday, August 19, 2013


According to the information received from Com. Kousik Roy Ex-Sec.Gen. of AICEIA  meeting of the Committee of Secretaries is slated to be held finally on 27th August. Notice has already been served to all concern by 14th of August. Lets hope for the best.

Sunday, August 4, 2013


                Based on intelligent profiling, the officers of Customs Air Intelligence Unit,B-Batch, RGIA, Hyderabad, in the early hours of 04.08.2013 intercepted at the customs exit gate, a passenger by name Shri. P. Siraju of Kannur, Kerala who arrived from Dubai by Emirates Airlines  Flight EK-524. The passenger was carrying a hand bag and opted to pass through the Green Channel. On questioning by the officers, about possession of any dutiable / prohibited goods, the passenger denied and replied in negative.  On detailed examination of his hand bag the officers noticed it contains only his personal effects.  Because of the nervous behaviour and suspicious nature of the passenger, the officers have conducted detailed personal search, as a result of which they have recovered 1KG gold bar deftly concealed in the socks worn on the left leg of the passenger , the total value of gold bar seized  is Rs.29 Lakhs (approx.). The passenger was interrogated and he admitted the offence.  Further follow-up investigation is going on.

The entire operation was done under the guidance of Shri. R. Manohar, IRS, Additional Commissioner. Assistant / Deputy Commissioners Shri. Venkatasam Annamala and E.V.N Reddy, have supervised the operation. Shri. A.Lakshmi Kanthan & Shri.P.Uma Shankar, Air Customs Superintendents of Air Intelligence Unit effected the seizure. Shri. R.K. Meena, Air Customs Officer has assisted in the said operation.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

increase of retirement age of government employees from 60 to 62 years ?

It is to be be noted that there were lot of reports and denials regarding the topic being reported. StaffCorner.com is not responsible for the authenticity of the article. Its based on the media reports.

A proposal to increase the retirement age of government employees from 60 to 62 years came to the Cabinet on Thursday but a decision was deferred. The government might make the announcement in the Prime Minister’s Independence Day address, his last before general elections in 2014. The ministry of personnel, public grievances and pensions has proposed an increase in retirement age of government employees from 60 to 62 years, top sources confirmed.

retirement age hiked to 62There are around five million central government employees in India. The previous occassion the government raised the retirement age of central government employees was in 1998, from 58 to 60 years. The move is meant to ease the financial burden on the government in terms of its pension liabilities, sources said.

The retirement age of professors in all central universities was recently raised to 65 years. D L Sachdev, national secretary of the All India Trade Union Congress, said his union was totally against the increase of the retirement age beyond 60. It would hurt the youth, especially when the government is doing nothing to create jobs for them, Sachdev said.

Congress-affiliated Indian National Trade Union Congress national president Sanjeeva Reddy said his union had been demanding increase in the retirement age to 62 years and would welcome it.

Minister for Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions V Narayanaswami had ruled out an increase in the retirement age to a question in Parliament in the winter session this year. An official in the ministry, when asked, refused to speak about it.

Source: Staffcorner

Friday, August 2, 2013


Dear friends,
A meeting was held toady with the MOS (R) on the issues attached herewith. He has called us tomorrow also. He also wants to discuss all the issues with us in the presence of one of the authorities having a responsible seat, i.e., at least DG, HRD. Let's see what happens as outcome.


Sh. Jasudasu Seelam,
The Hon’ble Minister of State (Revenue), Department of Revenue,
Ministry of Finance, North Block, New Delhi.
Sub: Staff grievances.
It is submitted with due regards that the various grievances of the staffside are long pending with the administration for the want of redressal. All of the grievances have been unredressed despite of the assurances given to the Association by the authorities. It is also worth to submit that the Association has already represented on every issue by its repeated requests but without result. Therefore, the following points are hereby submitted for your kind consideration-    
1. Immediate approval & implementation of cadre restructuring without any cut: The necessary steps may kindly be taken for immediate approval of the ongoing cadre restructuring without any cut. It is pending with cadre review committee after approval by the Hon’ble Finance Minister as well as the Department of Expenditure. It is requested that all the posts may kindly be approved on permanent basis and be filled in un-staggered manner only by promotions with no direct recruitment at group ‘A’ entry level at least for 5 years after its implementation particularly keeping in view the extraordinarily acute stagnation of the Superintendents/Inspectors of Central Excise. Hundreds of these officers are retiring every month with only one promotion in their service career of 35-40 years after joining as Inspector. The ongoing one is only IInd cadre restructuring in CBEC started in 2006 and pending even in its 7th year despite of guidelines to happen after every 5 years.   
2. Re-framing of Recruitment Rules: Central Excise Superintendents & Inspectors are already forced to work under their extreme juniors of Customs belonging to same cadre recruited through same examination in CBEC under same Department of Revenue and same Ministry of Finance. The single cadre of Inspector has been trifurcated into 3 categories in absolutely unjustified manner, i.e., Inspector (Central Excise & Land Customs), P.O. (Inspector Customs) & Examiner (Inspector Customs) to be promoted as Superintendent (Central Excise & Land Customs), Superintendent (Customs) & Appraiser (Customs) respectively re-merging at group ‘A’ entry level. This places the Inspector (Central Excise & Land Customs) 20 years behind the Examiner (Inspector Customs) due to the discriminatory rate of promotion and faulty Recruitment Rules. The new Recruitment Rules (RR’s) to grant “just & fair representation” to each category were to be framed as per the directions of the Hon’ble Supreme Court given in C.W.P. No. 385/10 but the RR’s framed by CBEC would no way be able to grant “just & fair representation” to Central Excise stream officers. “Just & fair representation” will never be possible till senior officers of Central Excise continue to work under the junior officers of Customs recruited in the same cadre of Inspector. Therefore, the RR’s may kindly be framed in the manner of granting parity in promotions to all the common entry counterparts maintaining their relative seniority. The problem is not being solved despite of its admittance and assurance by CBEC on various occasions including its Board meetings of 12.01.11 & 18.02.11 as well as the presentation made on cadre restructuring on 18.01.11. It is requested that the RR’s may kindly be framed without trifurcating the single cadre at Inspector as well as Superintendent level prescribing the qualifying services as below in consonance of OM No. AB-14017/61/2008-Estt.(RR) dt. 24.03.09 of DOPT which stipulates thepromotion of Inspector completing 12, 17 & 20 years of service to the grade of Joint Commissioner, Additional Commissioner & Commissioner respectively. The validity of this OM was also admitted by CBEC during the presentation of cadre restructuring proposal on 18.01.11 but they showed inability to implement it due to want of required number of vacancies/posts. Required number of posts may kindly be created to implement the OM or the officers may kindly be granted in-situ promotions requiring no creation of posts.
(i) 2 years for promotion to a post with a grade pay of Rs. 4,800/- after joining as Inspector.
(ii) 7 years for promotion to a post with a grade pay of Rs. 6,600/- after joining as Inspector (There is no justification of promoting an officer from a grade pay of Rs. 5,400/- to 5,400/-. It is also submit-worthy that the most of the group ‘B’ gazetted officers including CSS are being promoted to a senior group ‘A’ post instead of junior group ‘A’ in Central as well as State governments.).
(iii) 12 years for promotion to a post with a grade pay of Rs. 7,600/- after joining as Inspector.
(iv) 17 years for promotion to a post with a grade pay of Rs. 8,700/- after joining as Inspector.
(v) 20 years for promotion to a post with a grade pay of Rs. 10,000/- after joining as Inspector.
(vi) and so on.
Keeping in view the extraordinarily acute stagnation of the Central Excise executive officers, there should kindly be incorporated the permanent provisions in the RR’s at every level framed on the above lines in addition to the above qualifying services to promote (even in-situ or otherwise) the officer automatically to the next higher grade, if his/her stagnation in a grade reaches one & half times of qualifying service.   
3. Parity with common entry counterparts of CSS, CBDT etc. either in the cadre restructuring or independent of it to retire our officers in PB-4: IRS officers of CBEC were granted parity with their common entry counterparts of CBDT in last cadre restructuring and they are going to get parity with other better placed common entry group ‘A’ counterparts including the best placed IAS in the ongoing one. But no parity with common entry counterparts like CBDT, CSS etc. is being granted to Central Excise Superintendents & Inspectors. The position of stagnation of these officers is so horrible that they, including reserved categories, are retiring merely in a PB2 (lowest gazetted post) with only single promotion throughout career while their common entry counterparts are easily reaching PB4 levels (Addl. Commissioner/Commissioner & Director/Joint Secretary) getting 5/6 promotions. 1992 Examiners as well as Inspectors of Income Tax have long back entered group ‘A’ and 1997 Assistants have long back entered to senior group ‘A’ while our Inspector of 1975 is still waiting even to enter the junior group ‘A’. 1985 Assistant of Rajya Sabha Secretariat has long back been promoted to the post of Director. This parity is very well possible by framing the RR’s in the manner as requested in the preceding para or by adopting the measures like time bound promotions/scales (grant of time scale to our officers after every 7 years was also recommended by CBEC to 6th CPC but now the same CBEC is back tracking on the issue when CBEC can do it itself), notional promotions, creation of supernumerary posts, creation of separate service (this was also recommended by CBEC to 6th CPC but now the same CBEC is back tracking on the issue), direct promotion to higher post/s, upgradation of posts, in-situ promotions (requiring no creation of posts) or any other specific measure/s including batch to batch non-functional financial upgradation (on the lines of DOPT OM No. AB.14017/64/2008-Estt.(RR) dt. 24.04.09 granting NFFU to other group ‘A’ officers at par with IAS) at par with the best placed counterparts of CSS. Accordingly, necessary measures may kindly be devised for acutely stagnated Central Excise Superintendents & Inspectors to grant them parity with their common entry counterparts enabling them also to retire in PB-4. This will boost their morals and it’ll, in turn, will have a very positive impact on the govt. revenues.
4. Regularization of all adhoc promotions All the promotions to the post of Asstt. Commissioner have been made on adhoc basis since 1997 and need immediate regularisation. No regular DPC has been conducted to regularise these long pending ad hoc promotions which may kindly be conducted at an early date based on the RR’s in force on the date of DPC meant for regularisation.
            5. Promotion of Group ‘B’ Gazetted Executive Officers directly to STS like CSS etc.:The most of group ‘B’ gazetted officers in the Central as well as State governments are being promoted to a senior group ‘A’ post including CSS, CPWD etc. while Central Excise Superintendents are being promoted (if any) merely to a junior group ‘A’ post. The necessary steps may kindly be taken to promote our Superintendents directly to a senior group ‘A’ post too. This was also recommended to the 6th CPC by the CBEC as one of the measures but now the same CBEC is back tracking on the issue.
            6. Implementation of para 7.15.24 of 6th CPC report: The 6th CPC has recommended to follow the well established parity between the Central Excise Superintendents etc. and the Chief Enforcement Officers under the same Department of Revenue. The Chief Enforcement Officers (redesignated as Asstt. Director) have been placed under the initial grade pay of 5400/- while the Central Excise Superintendents merely in 4800/-. It is also worth to submit that the analogous counterparts of Central Excise Superintendents in CBI, IB etc. have already been placed in the equivalent pay scale to grade pay of 5400/- in PB3 since 1986. The Central Excise Superintendents may, therefore, also kindly be granted the equivalent grade pay/pay scale w.e.f. the date of the grant of the same to above counterparts. Relevant portion of the report of 6th CPC is enclosed as Annexure-I.
            Not only it, pay scale of Central Excise Superintendents was enhanced from Rs. 6500-10500/- to Rs. 7500-12000/- w.e.f. 21.04.04 instead of 01.01.96, whereas Superintendents of Narcotics were placed under the same enhanced pay scale w.e.f. 01.01.96 with all the consequential benefits. It is submitworthy that the Superintendents of Central Excise as well as Narcotics were the part of common seniority list and being promoted to the same post of Asstt. Commissioner under same recruitment rules till very recent time. It is also, therefore, requested that the Superintendents of Central Excise may also be placed under the enhanced pay scale of Rs. 7500-12000/- w.e.f. 01.01.96 with all the consequential benefits.                 
            7. Posting of Association functionaries: The main office bearers were never to be transferred to out of administrative/Association headquarters until willing but they have been started to be transferred even to out of zone all of a sudden. By it, the staff welfare activities of the Association and employee grievances redressal mechanism are affected adversely due to the delinking of Association functionaries with the administration & staffside both. It is, therefore, requested that at least 3 office bearers (including Unit President and General Secretary) as per the request of the Association may kindly be retained at the headquarters office of the Association/administration in consonance of the letters No. 2/7/88-CS(IV) dt. 19.08.08 and No. 9/34/87-JCA dt. 08.03.88 both of DOPT (both enclosed as Annexure-II & III). It is also submitworthy that the Association functionaries are not being transferred even building to building in same city in CSS while they are being transferred even from one zone/Commissionerate to another zone/Commissionerate in our case.
8. Use of extended panel to grant promotions: No extended panel was utilised at the time of the regularisation of the promotions vide Notification No. 30/2000 of CBEC issued vide F. No. A. 32012/8/2000-Ad.II(Pt.) Dt. 21.11.2000 of CBEC. The clarificatory DOPT OM No. 22011/4/98-Estt.(D) dt. 12.10.98 to DOPT OM No.22011/5/86-Estt. (D) dt. 10.4.89 says about the procedure to be followed for preparation of extended panel to benefit the serving officers in lieu of the retired/deceased ones. The provisions of extended panel were never followed by CBEC despite of the repeated requests. The said provisions may kindly be implemented in r/o all earlier DPC’s including above mentioned regularisation and the forthcoming DPC’s including DPC for long pending regularisation since 1997.
9. Promotion of all Inspectors CE, PO’s & Examiners of same year to the same level:Such proposal was mentioned as under examination during the cadre restructuring presentation on 18.01.11 by CBEC but nothing has happened till date despite of the repeated requests. The CBEC may kindly be directed to take immediate steps in the matter. 
10. Promoting all the Superintendents who have completed 1.5 times of qualifying service on the lines of CSS: In 1999, all Section Officers completing 1.5 times of qualifying service were promoted on ‘in-situ basis’ to the senior group ‘A’ post of Under Secretary for removal of their stagnation. Keeping in view the extraordinarily acute stagnation of the Central Excise Superintendents, all Superintendents completing 1.5 times of qualifying service may also kindly be promoted either on regular basis or in-situ basis. It is worth to submit that all of such officers are already drawing the salary of the higher post/s. It will, thus, require no expenditure. No posts/vacancies will also be required for in-situ promotions.
11. Arrears of pay since 1986: The pay scale of the Inspectors of CBI, IB etc. has been enhanced since 01.01.86. The CBEC also issued the orders for the grant of arrears under the signature of then DS, Sh. Dharmveer Gupta, vide F. No. A-26017/44/94-Ad II(A) Dt. 08.03.95 (enclosed herewith asAnnexure-IV) based on the Jabalpur CAT orders in OA No. 541 of 1994 but the implementation of the same is still awaited. The said CAT orders were never challenged by the government. It is also worth to mention that the most of the then Inspectors have become Superintendents today. The CBEC may kindly be directed to implement the said orders particularly keeping in view that there was no condition in the CAT orders to consult the Expenditure.
12. Seniority benefit on promotion to group ‘A’ in lieu of service rendered in group ‘B’:This benefit of seniority is already being given to the group ‘B’ gazetted officers in many of the Central Govt. departments including many services of Railways. The group ‘B’ gazetted officers belonging to the Provincial Civil Services enter into IAS with 4 years of seniority benefit in group ‘A’. The CBEC may kindly be directed to take necessary steps in the matter.   
            Thanking you,  
Yours faithfully,
Encls: As above (Annexures I to IV).