It is to clarify that the Time Scale of 5400 in PB2 is required to be given to Group B officers after 4 years from the date there are placed in GP 4800 either on ACP/MACP or on promotion.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


                                                  Press Communique

Rashtrapati Bhavan : 31-07-12

The President of India, as advised by the Prime Minister, has directed that the portfolios of the following Ministers will be re-allocated as follows:-
1. Shri P. Chidambaram - Finance
2. Shri Sushilkumar Shinde - Home Affairs
Further, as advised by the Prime Minister, the President has also directed that Shri M. Veerappa Moily, Minister of Corporate Affairs will be assigned additional charge of the Ministry of Power.

Income Tax Return- Deadline extended to 31st August 2012

Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has  extended the deadline for filing income tax returns for assessment  year 2012-13 to 31st August 2012. The Original Last Date was 31st July 2012.
CBDT said it was extending the deadline given the disturbance in routine life due to failure of power as well as the fact that e-filing has now been made mandatory for individuals and Hindu Undivided Family (HUF).
The North India power grid collapsed on Monday, July 30, affecting about 370 million people in seven states. On July 31, on the day of deadline for filing returns, the North, East, and North East grids collapsed, leaving at least 19 states and about 600 million people without electrical power.
“This has been done in respect of assesses who are liable to file such returns by 31st July 2012 as per provisions of section 139 of Income Tax Act, 1961,” CBDT said in a statement.
From this year if the total income of an individual or HUF is Rs 10 lakh in the year 2011-12, e-filing is mandatory as per Rule 12 of the Income-tax Rules, 1962.
Source: NDTV

Monday, July 30, 2012

July 26th 2012 March to Parliament a success

                                                  Comrade Ravi Malik addressing the gathering

                             Comrade Basudev Acharya Hon'ble M.P. Loksabha addressing the gathering.


The July 26th 2012 March to Parliament on the call of the Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers was a resounding success with several  thousands of participants from all over the country from various Central Government Departments, in support of the 14 Point Charter of Demands including immediate constitution of VIIth Pay Commission, Merger  of DA with Pay on it crossing 50% , easing of norms and cap for Compassionate Appointments to the kin of Employees dying in harness  and  comparable minimum of five assured promotions for all groups of Central Government  employees like their Group A Officers, scrapping of the PFRDA Bill and other anti –employee measures . The first positive development is that the time limit of 3 years  for Compassionate Appointments has been now done away with.   The Government has been informed by way of a memorandum submitted that the action has to be taken within three months on the Charter of Demands , failing which a Nationwide Strike in all Central Government Departments would be held on  December  12  2012.
The Joint Action Committee  comprising of  Staff Associations in the CBEC organized a massive day long Dharna at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi  on 27th July 2012. In a demonstration of unprecedented unity and resolute action, hundreds of Group C and B employees of our Department   from the Customs as well as Central Excise sides, including the Executive,  Ministerial  and  Telecommunications streams converged in the National Capital from every nook and corner of the country essentially to demand implementation of Cadre Restructuring in CBEC forthwith without any cuts and in a manner matching the aspirations of the lower level cadres of the Board. The Dharna was addressed by Shri  Basudev Acharya, Hon’ble Member of Parliament(Lok Sabha) who empathized with our  situation of poor promotional avenues and continued exploitation of government employees barring the elite few.He also assured that he would be raising these issues including that of the long pending  Restructuring in Parliament. Secretary General of the Income Tax Employees Federation(ITEF), Com. Rajagopalan, Convener  of the Co-ordination Committee of Associations/ Federations in Department Of Revenue  Com.Vrigu Bhattacharjee,General Secretary Co-ordination Committee of Central Government Employees and workers New Delhi,  Com. Ashok Kannojia Additional Secretary ITEF,  Secretary General of All India  Central Excise Gazetted Executive Officers  Shri Ravi Malik and several other National level leaders also spoke at length on the various issues confronting the  Department and its employees, most important being the pathetic  career prospects of the Group C and Group B cadres. There were also addresses by all National and Regional level leaders of Associations comprising the JAC, interspersed with vigourous and frequent slogan shouting.
Sri Ravi Malik along with Superintendent Association New Delhi attended the meeting, he requested to include the points extended by his association in the charter, in reply to that Secretary General AICEIA stated that it is decided in the JAC meeting at Kolkata that the Gazzetted Officers Association and other organizations who have not yet joined the JAC are free to join along with their own points.
In the afternoon a communication addressed to the Prime Minister of India was handed over by leaders of the JAC to officials of the PMO, and copies of the same were also forwarded to Revenue Secretary.
The show of strength and unity at New Delhi on 27th July 2012 augurs well for Association activities and we have to take it further to sustain this struggle till we achieve all our just and  genuine demands.
A delegation comprising the President, Secretary General, Working President and Asstt. Secretary General of the AICEIA met the Director, DoP&T and had discussions on the CBEC Restructuring Proposals, the revised version of which has been submitted by the Board to the  DoP&T. It was informed by the Director that the file is presently with the Secretary DoP&T  and it would be sent to the Committee of Secretaries very soon.
A meeting of the Central Executive Committee of the AICEIA is tentatively scheduled for 24th of August at Bhubaneswar. Circular to this effect will be issued soon. 
Source: AICEIA    

Friday, July 27, 2012

Further update on Supdt promotions in CCA Hyderabad

It is understood that the administration has agreed to to give promotions to Superintendent Cadre in Hyderabad CCA against the vacancies arising out from the recent promotions from Superintendent Cadre to AC Cadre provided the Board removes the in-situ clause by giving allotment to the newly promoted ACs. Once the allotment is given administration is willing to effect promotions to Supdt Cadre against the said vacancies even if the condition of promotion to AC Cadre remains Six months.

    In the meantime, there are about eight retirements in this month i.e. July and promotions against these eight retirement vacancies plus three additional promotions on account of rejections from the last batch  totalling around eleven promotions are likely to be effected in the first week of August,2012. These promotions are in addition to the promotions against the vacancies arising of AC promotions which will be given as and when the allotment to the newly promoted ACs is given.

Source: Hydexcust

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


It is understood that the department is not considering the vacancies of recently promoted Ad-hoc ACs  for further promotion of Inspector to Supdt. until the Ad-hoc and insitu promotions of ACs are finalised, as these promotions are issued purely on Ad-hoc & insitu basis and the posts of Supdts are not being vacated..

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Minutes of 5th National Anomaly Committee Meeting (NAC) held on 17th July 2012,

Mr.K.K.N.Kutty, Secretary General, Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers, has published Gist of discussions made in the 5th National Anomaly Committee Meeting (NAC) held on 17th July 2012, in the confederation’s official blog.
We have given the text of the same here
The 4th meeting of the National Anomaly Committee was held on 5th January, 2012.  All the items could not be discussed on that day.  The meeting was postponed and the same was held today on 17th July, 2012.  The gist of discussions and decisions are given hereunder.
Item No.1. Pay band of the merged pay scales: The demand to reconstruct the pay band in respect of merged pay scales (S8 to S10) by multiplying the minimum of the highest pay scales (6500-10,500) with 1.86 by virtue of which the pay band will commence with Rs. 12100 instead of 9300 is not agreed and as per the scheme disagreement has been recorded.
Item No.2. Extending the date for exercise of option:  Extending the date for exercise of option to come to the new pay scale as also to the next increment date on promotion was discussed at length.  While the official side will agree to reopen the promotional cases where such change of option becomes necessary on account of an unforeseen event, the question of extending the date in general will have to be examined.  In the case of necessity to change the option once exercised in view of the recent order on increment was raised by the Staff Side. The Official side agreed to issue a clarificatory order.
Item No. 3. Special allowance and qualification pay: Order has been issued in respect of Auditors. In respect of SAS passed hands necessary orders will be issued shortly.
Item No.4. Fixation of pay in respect of Direct recruitees and promotees:  The official side agreed to consider grant of entry pay in all such cases, wherever the RR provides for direct recruitment.
Item No.5. Date of next increment:  Orders have already been issued. Item is treated as settled.
Item No. 6. Grant of minimum pay of Rs. 5200 +1800 to temporary status employees:  Orders issued.
Item No. 7. Grant of revised allowance with effect from 1.1.2006:  The item has been withdrawn after discussion.
Item No. 8. Transport allowance:  The revision of transport allowance was not agreed upon.  However, taking a percentage of the TA for the purpose of OTA and grant of a portion of the TA in respect of persons on tour for more than one month at a stretch will be considered.
Item No. 9.  Doubling the Existing risk and patient care allowance:  The matter has been submitted to the Cabinet for its approval and orders are likely to be issued shortly. The Staff side raised the issue of doubling the daily allowance on tour. The Official side agreed to examine this matter also.
Item No. 10. Parity in Pension to pre 2006 retirees:  The matter is sub-judice. Therefore it could not be discussed.
Item No.11. Commutation of pension: The difference in the application of commutation table between the pre-2006 and post 2006 retirees was discussed.  It has been agreed that the difference would be quantified with reference to certain cases as an example.  If it has no implication on the post 2008 retirees, the Govt. may consider the acceptance of the demands of the Staff in the matter.
Restoration of commuted value of pension after 12 years instead of 15years would be considered in the light of the Supreme Court judgement of 1996, a copy of which would be made available to the Staff Side.
Item No.12. Grant of Rs.  5400/- to the Assistant Accounts and Audit Officers: To be discussed with the JS(per)/JS(E) separately. The date of the meeting will be fixed soon.
Item No.13. Revision base index for DA: The Staff Side will be provided with the computation made by the 6th CPC in the matter and on the basis of the same the issue will be discussed further.
Item No.14. Child Care leave: Orders issued. Item treated as settled.
Item No.15. Income criterion for dependency of parents:  The item is dropped after discussion.
Item No. 16. Revision of Grade Pay fixation: After discussion, the item has been dropped.
Item No. 17. Reconstruction of Pay bands: dropped.
Item No. 18. Fixation of pay on promotion to the post carrying same grade pay and PB:  Agreed to grant one increment.
Item No. 19. All MACP items: will be discussed further in the subcommittee on 27th July, 2012.
Item No.20. Anomaly in the grade pay of Library information Assistants: The official side will consider the  issue in consultation with the Ministry of Culture and take appropriate decision before the next meeting.
Item No.21. Anomaly in pension of those in receipt of stagnation increments in the pre revised scales of pay: The inclusion of stagnation increment for the purpose of fixation of pay in respect of the persons retired between 2006 and 2008, if not done, will be examined and suitable orders issued.
Item No.22. Anomaly in the pay scales of Stenographers of field offices with reference to Central Secretariat:  It was pointed out that Senior PS in the field offices were on identical pay scale of PPS  of the Central Secretariat and therefore, they must be granted grade pay of Rs. 5400 in PB3.   They have agreed to grant Grade pay of Rs. 5400 in PB.2 applicable to the field offices.  In respect of parity with Central Sectt, the proposal of Railway Board will be expeditiously examined by the Finance Ministry and suitable orders issued.
Item No.23.Date of Annual increment in EOL cases: Orders were issued earlier and the matter is treated as settled. The Staff Side raised the issue of denial of encashment of earned leave and half pay leave for industrial employees.  The official side agreed to issue classificatory orders in the matter.
Item No. 24. Parity of PB and Grade pay for Official language personnel with the Central Sectt:  The official side said that orders have already been issued.  Wherever, the same is not implemented or different decision taken, the same may be brought to the notice of the Department of Expenditure for appropriate decision.  The proposal sent by the Railway Board will be considered separately.

Saturday, July 14, 2012



1. A.Suresh

2. S.M.Saleem

3. M.S.Sivaraman

4. G.S.Renuka Pathy

5. CSJR Somayajulu

6. B.Undershwar Rao

7. SKC TakbhaWare

8. Sunder Rao Gude

9. Khaja Mustaq Hussain

10. D.Aroop Das

11. Mrs. Rahmat J.Haqqani

12. G.Lakshminarayana

13. B.Nagendra Rao

14. H.S.Naskar

15. N.Balaramkrishna

16. V.Chandra Mouli

17.T.V.Narsimha Kumar

Monday, July 2, 2012


I. DG (HRD)Met the DG(HRD) Shri Birendra Kumar Singh at his office at Saket . The ADG (HRD/IW) was also present in the DG’s chamber then.a. Cadre Restructuring : DG Informed that the matter is held up with DoP&T on their objections on proposals related to senior level Gr A officers. He very categorically said that there is no objection from DoP&T on that part of the proposals that concerns Gr B and Gr C. When I specifically asked about the cuts reportedly made by DoP&T, the DG said that so far as Commissioners are concerned their number will go up from the 295 at present to around 350. That may translate into maybe 30 Audit Commissionerates being formed and the larger among the present Commissionerates getting split. When I asked him that since these figures don’t match with the number of new Commissionerates/ other formations proposed originally by the Board, does it not mean that there will ultimately be fewer new Commissionerates etc. than initially proposed, he said that it is possible.

The DG further said that Board officials are working very hard to get the proposals approved by DoP&T and send the same expeditiously to the Committee of Secretaries and the Cabinet for the final nod.

He also said that that proposals of Gr B and Gr C levels are not required to go to the CoS or the Cabinet. “Proposals of Cadre Review of only Gr A Officers goes to the Committee and Cabinet, and so far as Gr B and Gr C are concerned only information about them is sent, and no Proposals. For Gr B & Gr C, the Board is fully empowered to do the needful. The DoP&T, the Committee of Secretaries and the Cabinet are concerned only with those proposals that concern the Gr A, but since Restructuring of the Deptt. cannot and will not be done in parts, it will come out only in a comprehensive manner, after the Gr A roadblock is resolved.”When I asked him pointedly by when can we realistically expect our promotions as part of Restructuring ( with officers waiting for even the very first promotions in their careers after 20/22 or even more years, and dozens of officers who have got only one promotion in their careers spanning over thirty five years retiring month after month with that single promotion), he said that the earliest he expects implementation of Restructuring is by the year-end.

b. Austerity Measures – Apprehensions :I asked the DG whether the austerity measures announced recently by the Government would have any bearing on the Restructuring of our Deptt., he said that he did not have any such apprehensions, since ours is a revenue-generating deptt. and not a “spending “ one. He also shared the information that during interactions with the PAC, especially with the Chairman Shri MM Joshi, this fact had been pointed out by him , and thereafter as advised by the PAC Chairman, a note on how acute shortage of manpower in the CBEC is adversely impacting revenue realization has been prepared and submitted to Shri Joshi, who has assured that he will be taking up the matter at the appropriate level with the GoI to ensure that austerity measures do not come in the way of personnel requirements of CBEC so that indirect tax collection is not hampered and revenue targets may be met.

c. All India Seniority of Inspectors : The DG told me very clearly that he has recommended to the Board that All India Seniority must be brought in for Inspectors of Central Excise to remove the huge regional disparities that obtain in the promotion of Inspectors to Superintendents. However, when I asked him whether it will be brought in before the Restructuring exercise, he replied in the negative, saying that “it would involve demoting officers already promoted in those Zones which are ahead of others in this aspect, and if this is done without demoting any officer, it would result in stopping promotions altogether for a long time in certain zones.”I then asked the DG what that was being proposed, and he informed that it is something which over some period of time will gradually do away with regional disparities, and thereafter an All India Seniority List of Inspectors can be drawn. Then on getting promoted from Inspectors as Superintendents, officers will have to move to any part of the country where vacancy of Supdt. is available, and those unwilling to do so will have to forego promotions. There will be a clearly defined policy that officers moving out from their zones can get repatriated to their home zones whenever a vacancy arises there, strictly on a ‘first out- first in’ basis. When I asked the DG when we can expect such a situation to emerge, he replied that no time frame can be fixed for such matters, you will have to wait and see. There also seems to be some misgivings in the Board on the All India Seniority issue.

II Jt. Secretary (Admn.), CBEC I called on the JS (Admn) Shri Lok Ranjan at his office in North Block and inquired whether any progress has been made in respect of improvements/ clarifications requested for repeatedly by the AICEIA on the Board’s letter dated 27.10.2011 under which the ban on Inter Commissionerate Transfers was lifted. When I said that things do not seem to be moving at all on this front, the JS said that “it could be your perception”. He also emphatically said that loss of seniority on ICT was a well established principle and there cannot be any rethink on it, with the Courts too having pronounced verdicts with finality on the issue. When I pointed out that the AICEIA ‘s representations were not limited to this , he said that:a. The concerns of the Assn. have been taken on board by the CBEC, and that the Chairman had called for certain additional information, and once the same is received, the Board may consider the issues concerned afresh.

b. Presonally, the JS said, he felt that completion of probation period having been made a precondition for applying for ICT is not all that fair and can be dispensed with.

c. Regarding need for uniformity in considering ICT applications by all CCAs , the JS (Admn.)’s strongly held view is that since it is the CCA’s who have to run their respective Zones, it would not at all be advisable to do away with or impair their discretion in such matters. He said that although he appreciates that further loss of seniority occurs for each single day of delay, in absolute terms as well a comparatively in some cases where junior officers from some zone getting transferred earlier to a preferred zone while officers senior them, of another zone, are waiting to move to that same preferred zone, and that it is a huge concern for individuals losing out on this count, this cannot be a defining consideration to even allow ICTs, leave alone hasten them. d. As for those already on deputation to their desired Commissionerates , he said that the Board’s firm opinion is that at one point in time, a deputation is allowed, and the decision is to that extent only – deputation for a fixed number of years- it is not for sparing an officer for the entire length of his career, as in the case of ICT. Any decision on ICT has to be taken independently and separately, keeping in view current circumstances. It is not that all these aspects were not weighed carefully and appropriate decisions taken when the ban on ICTs was lifted and conditions therefor stipulated. So It is very unlikely that the requirement of those officers presently on deputation to return to their parent Commissionerates and apply afresh for ICT will be dispensed with . When I informed the JS of the tremendous pressure on us from our members adversely affected by the draconian provisions woven into the ICT scheme, his reply was that policies were framed for meeting administrative needs and not to suit individuals’ conveniences. He, however, suggested that the Association represent afresh on these points in a concise way. [It is learnt that Shri Arun Goel, presently with the Ministry of Urban Development, will join CBEC very shortly as the new JS(Admn.).]

III. Member(P&V), CBEC

I also met the Member (P&V) and submitted before her the concerns of the Association on the issues already presented before the other officers earlier.

ICT:The Member was of the opinion that it would be proper if this issue is brought before the JS(Admn.). However when I persisted, the Member did give a patient hearing. I repeated all the points already made before the JS. The Member was dismissive of those and said none of the points had any merit. She said the Board’s role in the matter was limited to lifting the ban and permitting ICT with well-considered conditions. She said that she was sure that there was no need to alter any of those conditions, and that those interested in ICTs have to necessarily accept and abide by all those conditions, since it is only a facility that has been extended/ restored by the Board, which is under no obligation to facilitate postings of officers at places of their liking with protection of all benefits including their seniority. I was given the clear impression that any further pleading on these matters is futile. When I requested the Member that instructions be issued from the Board to all CCAs to adopt uniform standards and effect expeditious processing while dealing with ICT applications, the Member sad that each CCA has to deal with situations peculiar to the Zone(s) concerned, and that is precisely why the present dispensation has been formulated. That will stay as such, and the Board will have nothing to do with how CCAs handle ICT applications in their respective jurisdictions, as long as it is within the conditions already laid down by the Board.

Cadre Restructuring :I pointed out to the Member that Inspectors in several Zones are waiting for even their first promotions even after putting in 20 years and more of unblemished service. She assured me that she, as also the CBEC, are very well seized of these facts and that Cadre Review should substantially address these problems. When I asked about the delay in Restructuring now getting counted in years, the Member(P&V) said that she too is worried about it – the Board has sent the proposals to DoP&T in April, where it is stuck. The Board is doing everything to get it through, and we should hope that it happens fast.

I also had occasion to interact with some other officials and what I could gather is that the file is with DoP&T, after the CBEC has revised the proposals at the DoP&T’s behest. It is understood that the revised proposals involve a reduction of overall 8500 number of posts. It is learnt that the functional aspects were not gone into by the DoP&T, and the cuts directed by them were arbitrary. Another information gathered is that the all the proposals including the original one, and not just the revised one will be examined by the Committee of Secretaries, and therefore nothing is final as yet. The CoS could even recommend the original proposal submitted by the Board, or any other configuration they find appropriate. In this backdrop it has been suggested to us that it could be worthwhile for us to pursue the matter urgently with the CoS headed by the Cabinet Secretary at this stage, laying stress more on how the acute paucity of executives at the cutting edge and Gr A entry levels has badly affected the department’s functioning, to get a better restructuring package.

Yours fraternally,Ajit Kumar K G