It is to clarify that the Time Scale of 5400 in PB2 is required to be given to Group B officers after 4 years from the date there are placed in GP 4800 either on ACP/MACP or on promotion.

Monday, November 30, 2009


Blogger AICEIA said...
Com Vigneshwar Raju,

We appreciate the spirit you have for our organisation, we have respect for our former president except his repeatetive tendency of telling lies,
The only states he manages to keep with him is only Andhra pradesh and superficially Maharashtra, when we have visited we saw a lot of good intelligent guys in Mumbai who are not aware what was going on Hyderabad, try to understand a man who has no support in his own home turf how he could win others with his superfluous ideas; see we love him personally and we believe that it could have been better if he could keep himself as a good worker of our Association, we got very very good talented leaders like Tirthankar Pyne, R.Manimohon, Chandramouli, N. Venkatakrishnan, N.Balraj, Arun Zaqchariah, Shibaji Nayek, Shankar Rao, Virender Thakur, Manoj Kumar, Ashoka Narayanan etc but most of them were never in the top brass of the association, time has come to mark the Person who prefers only specified post and not the association, I myself engaged with the Association for the last 13years and a direct recruit of 1993 got the scope to work as Secretary General only in the month of December 2008, the rest Nine months experience as acting Secy general with our former president was simply horrible, it is not only me, my former secy general was about to forgo his promotion but improper action and inapt ability to handle the situation of our former president compelled him to relinquish his charge to me, never mind I am righting in a open forum for the fact that our colleague should know about the divisive factors and the reason behind properly. The states our former president mentioning who had not participated in the vote is totally false as none of the states participated in vote as there was no contest at all, Former president spat venom in the name of Kousik roy though I repeat I won't have any personal animity against him; he conducted several group meetings upto 04.00 A.M. in the morning of 11th of December 2008 and understood defeat is inevitable, I appreciate his stand not to fill up nomination form, and immediately after declaration of result he left the convention place and started spreading all these bull sheets he had written above; however I have no reservation in coming to hyderabad and answer each every question only thing is that I have received a threat call that I should not enter Andhra and Maharashtra. if you want more detail call Manimohan, Call Pyne or Zacharah.
November 29, 2009 4:52 PM

All are requested to comment on both the posts

Saturday, November 28, 2009

These are the comments of Sri.Koneru Prabhakar Rao to my earlier post. posted here for the comments of the concerned

KONERU said...
Dear PV Raju,

I have just gone through your comments on your site.
You are reproducing the words from our proposed assn site icestea.com, am I right?. so pl don't call it as vested interest trying to form a separate assn. as the Federation was recognised till 1993 RSA Rules were brought in to force. then from 1993 to 2006 Dec all units of federation inclu Hyderabad were unrecognised. It is my dedication and good work, which is known to all actively involved in Assn. work in our dept. knows. So on the eve of elections at Daman, on my request as President of AICEIA units like Chandigarh, Patna, Jaipur, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Vadoda, Rajkot amd Meerut attended the convention to become a member of AICEIA. But due to the partisan politricks palyed by the Kolkata, Chennai and Kerala units, inspite of my willingness to continue with the All India body, all the above units were declared not eligible to vote. Hyd was absent as elections were going on. the Membership of Mumbai reduced to 4 and pune 4. Kolkata was said to be 19 and 23 people attended the meeting by spending Rs 1 lakh just to ensure the posts should be shared.

Whereas, during my 2 years period i have spend 80 days of my leave and Rs 4 lakhs of my money as no one paid me except Rs 1200 (twelve thousand) for my effective work and activating the assn by several means. Till date they say they have no money.
Shall I ask you one thing?. When there is no money, NO recognition and no devotion from the office bearers, I stood as a dedicated man. I will surprise you " I served the INDIAN ARMY FOR 17 YEARS AND RECEPIENT OF SM, AND CHIEF OF ARMY STAFF COMMENDATION besides my assn with very great personalities as a team Member of Sail Yacht TRISHNA (Corps of Engineers and Sail Yacht Jaycus III of CBEC. I have visited around 40 nations and met several heads of state as representative of INDIA.

It is my pleasure if you want to know why the need of a second assn. I will be ready at any time any meeting with any body to speak the importance.

The one point I must mention, unless you know the otherside please don't spread wrong information or frame a figure.

I am proud to be an asn. man all in Mumbai Circle knows well and respects for the goodwork.

Since you are in the CC Unit you ask the senior officers of CBEC, RS etc about my sincereity and honesty, which are my two eyes and because of the two I am able see the future bright for the cadre, if we handle the issue properly and timely.

I look fwd for a gettogether,

with warmth regards,

Rao Koneru Prabhakar
November 27, 2009 8:30 PM

Friday, November 27, 2009



Thursday, November 26, 2009


Thursday, November 26, 2009


A fortnight has passed after the issuance of the pay up gradation order and the initial euphoria has given way to airing of doubts, lamentations and accusations. These broadly fall into three categories.

i) What would be the pay fixation of a person joining as direct recruit subsequent to 01.01.2006? Pay fixation of a person promoted as inspector after 01.01.2006? Pay fixation of an inspector in service on 31.12.2005?
ii) Seniors are not benefited by this pay up gradation order and hence there is no need for any hype.
iii) The Association went wrong in withdrawing the strike without getting any assurance on the other demands in the strike agenda.

I would like briefly muse on these three points.

The pay fixation of direct recruit Inspector who joined on or after 01.01.2006 is free from doubt. The initial pay in pay band would Rs. 12540/- and the gross basic pay would be Rs. 17140/-. As regards the other two cases, two views exist. The first one is that the person who was on service as inspector on 31.12.2005 would be fixed in the revised pay band, on electing for revised pay structure on 01.01.2006, at a stage corresponding to his pre-revised basic pay as on 31.12.2005 multiplied by 1.86 and rounded off to Rs. 10/- plus the grade pay of Rs. 4600/- and a person who was promoted as Inspector after 01.01.2006 would get his pay fixed after adding an increment of 3% of his pay in pay band plus the grade pay of the feeder post to the pay in pay band and the grade pay of Rs. 4600/-. The second view is that the pay in pay band so fixed in both these cases shall not go below Rs. 12540/- There is no point in Association giving a clarification; we have to seek it from the authority competent to clarify. In this regard, it may also be worth mentioning that some of the individuals who were promoted as Inspector between 01.01.2006 and 01.09.2008 opted for the revised pay structure on the date of their promotion foregoing their arrears and got the pay fixed corresponding to the stage Rs. 6500/- in the pre revised scale. When the cadre of Inspectors do not have a pre-revised pay scale of Rs. 6500-10500 after 01.01.2006, is not these individual’s pay to be re-fixed as on their date of promotion to a stage corresponding to Rs. 7450/-? If that be the case, can a senior draw a lesser pay?

Coming to the senior’s benefit – to cry that the seniors are not benefited is nothing but a myopic view. First of all the grade pay has restored the parity with analogous cadre, our dignity, our status. Leave that apart because status without pay may not be universally acceptable. Let’s examine whether this order would benefit the seniors. What are our major out standing pay related demands. Notional fixation on 6500-10500 scale with effect from 01.01.1996 and Rs. 5400/- grade pay to ACP recipient Inspectors. You may recall that the initial pay in the pay band of revised pay structure corresponded to the pay plus dearness pay plus DA in the pre-revised scale and the grade pay was the fitment weightage. When a new recruit Inspector had to start his pay in revised pay band at the stage of Rs. 9300/-, the pre-revised pay scale of Inspector was effectively down graded to Rs. 5000-8000. Without even restoring the pay scale to 6500-10500, what logical possibility is there for granting notional fixation of the scale 6500-10500 from 01.01.1996? This up-gradation is absolutely essential in pursuing that demand. As regards the second demand of Rs. 5400/-; prior to this up-gradation only a section of the Inspectors were drawing grade pay of Rs. 4800/- on ACP. Now every Inspector would receive Rs. 4800/- on ACP. Hence I wish to state that despite non-availability of immediate financial benefits to seniors, this up-gradation would benefit them in the long run.

Finally the allegation that strike was withdrawn without obtaining all the demands – If you follow the actions and persuasions done by this Association during the last one year, you would be able to understand that the strike was not simply called on a one fine moment. Step by step, the grade pay issue was brought to the negotiation table. After several rounds of discussion, when finally the issue reached a stalemate, which could not be resolved except through a strike, notice was served. The other points were included in the charted so as to draw attention to it. In the matter of calling strike and calling off strike, I submit that the members should show the magnanimity of giving sufficient lee way to the leadership who would be assessing the situation and it may not be possible to share everything that is happening due to strategic reasons. Strike is similar to the game of brinkmanship used in the diplomatic circles. Only the persons in the first line of action can take the decision.

Before parting, I wish to say that the success in the grade pay issue is only because of our unity and let’s all be proud of that. This is a morale booster for all our future endeavors. We will work together to achieve that.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Dear comrades,
Some vested interests are trying to form a second All India Association which is detrimental to the cadre. Already the CBEC is giving a step motherly treatment to our cadre, if such steps are taken at this juncture we the Inspectors will not have any value with CBEC as well as the Govt. If at all any differences are there they should be resolved by mutual talks. I request all the Inspectors trying to do this contain themselves and not to resort any thing witch is detrimental to the cadre.

please see the following matter which is posted on http://icestea.com/

"At Hyderabad Meeting on 14.11.2009 after considering various issues it was unanimously decided to seek recognition as a separate body in order to safeguard the cadre interest. A final meeting is called at Delhi on 5th Dec 2009, the details will be mailed to all the concerned soon."

The above meeting said to have conducted at Hyderabad is not at all supported by Hyderabad Inspectors. The above statement is totally false. They have not declared who all are the members attended the meeting, except saying that they have unanimously decided. The meeting might have been attended only by one or two persons with vested interests. Within a day or two a notice is being issued by members to the Hyderabad Branch Office Bearers to call for emergency GB.

These are the comments from AICEIA President regarding non co-operation of Hyderabad Association

Blogger AICEIA said...
Andhra Pradesh is not cooperating with the Central Association, I request the leaders to send there D.D.O certificates immediately; If we can not submit it by 10th of DEcember we shall loose our negotiation power. We would like to request the same to Pune and Mumbai.
November 15, 2009 11:09 AM


A Letter from General Secretary calling off strike

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dear Comrades,
The leaders of the 4 organizations on behalf of which we submitted the Strike Notice on 5th November 2009, intimating the Government that the employees and officers of the Revenue department would be on strike on 26/11/2009 met ton 17th of November 2009 at Rajouri Garden New Delhi. In view of the decision taken by the Govt., to grant higher Grade Pay of Rs. 4600/- to all those who were in the pre-revised scale of 6500-10500. The meeting decided to withdraw the Strike Action slated for 26/11/2009. We send herewith the copy of communication intimating the withdrawal of the proposed strike action. It is quite heartening to note that ultimately the Government took the decision to concede the demands for revised Grade Pay for Inspectors and other similarly placed officials even before the commencement of the Strike.
We take this opportunity to convey our sincere gratitude and congratulations to every one of you for the strenuous efforts you had undertaken in mobilizing the members for the strike action. The two month long agitation and campaign programme undertaken by our All India Association starting from 15th of July to 9th of September in the wake of our decision to go for sustained struggle in the Chandigarh C.E.C had created an electrifying atmosphere and determination in the minds of our members to fight out the unjust denial of higher grade pay for Inspectors, Notional fixation of the pre revised pay scale from 01.01.1996, grade pay of Rs. 5400/- for the Inspectors working in the grade pay of 4800/- for four (4) years and removal of stagnation in the cadre of Inspector and Superintendent. As you are aware, our All India Association had been making serious efforts to settle this issue without resorting to an industrial action. In the initial stages we were under the natural impression that the Government having notified that it would revise the Grade Pay of all those who were in the erstwhile pay scale 6500 - 10500 and whose functions were distinct from that of the cadres carrying the pay scale of 5000 - 8000 and 5500 - 9000, the demand for higher Grade Pay for Inspectors, Administrative Officers and Private Secretaries would become a reality without much loss of time.
We came to the inescapable conclusion after the last rounds of discussion with the Official Side of the Dept. of Expenditure held on 7thOctober 2009 that this simple issue had been complicated in order to delay the grant of legitimate benefit to the employees of the department of revenue. We are extremely thankful to the leaders of the Income-Tax employees Federation, Income-Tax Gazetted officers’ Association and the All India Customs Preventive Services Federation for having expressed their readiness to go along with AICEIA for an eventual Strike Action. But for the serving of the Strike Notice and the mobilization unleashed by us this demand would not have been possible to be achieved. We are also happy to note that our decision to go on strike has not only benefited our members but all those employees and officers in the departments of Govt. of India who had been on the pay scale of 6500 - 10500 prior to the 6th CPC recommendations came into existence.
It indeed confirms that the struggles are the precursor for achievements and building up a militant Trade Union movement and retaining it vibrant at all times is the pre-requisite. We have taken the firm resolution in Chandigarh CEC that we shall fight against all injustices and will tread the path of struggle in pursuance of our demands.
We once again congratulate all of you for demonstrating this firm commitment in no uncertain terms which has emboldened us to take the decision to go on strike action. We hope that it would not be inappropriate on our part to call upon the comrades who are in the cadre of Inspectors and who are the beneficiaries of the decision presently taken by the Government to contribute for sustaining the financial health of our organization. Accordingly, we request Circle/ Branch General Secretaries to approach every Inspector of their charge to contribute towards the working fund of our All India Association.
The other Issues Government had already instructed our Board to find solution and our Board took a meeting of our All India Association in the Chamber of Member (P&V) on 16th of September. As decided in the meeting with the Board
  1. The issue of Rs. 5400/- grade pay for all those inspectors who are in the grade pay of 4800/- for four (4) years has been sent to DOP&T as par our demand, we argued that expenditure is not the competent authority to clarify any dispute on ACP matter and DOP&T is the only authority to elucidate the dispute. Side by side the CAT case in Kerala is going on, for derth of fund sometimes we are unable to fight the case, hope situation will improve with your help.
  2. The Issue pertaining to the notional fixation from 01.01.1996 has been sent to Expenditure once again as chairman’s reference, it is wothy to mention that this issue already got several VIP’s recommendation.
  3. In its letter dated 12th October 2009 Board intimated us that the stagnation related issue is of great concern for CBEC, it is underway in HRD and under the care of AD-IVA secxtion of CBEC and we have come to know that the separate service as we have demanded shall be taken care of at the time of restructuring.

For the above three issues and the issue recently solved we sent several letters inclusive of an SOS letter to the Gazetted Officers Association depicting that 75% of the demands undertaken by our Association relates to the demands of Central Excise Superintendents but a reply is still awaited. Hope in coming days we will be able to shorten the gap between the two Associations.
Sooner or later we will be confronting the CBEC and the Govt., over these issues. These anomalies presently are the subject matter of discussion at various levels. The next course of action will be decided in our next CEC which is likely to be held in Rajasthan in December 2009. Assuring you of our continued efforts in finding resolutions to these issues and with greetings.
Comradely Yours


Saturday, November 7, 2009




Saturday, November 7, 2009

Circular 09-09


On 5th of November 2009 at Rajouri Garden New Delhi it was decided from a joint meeting of Income-tax Employees Federation, Income-tax Gazetted Officers Association, All India Central Excise Inspectors Association and All India Customs Preventive Services Federation will be on a one day’s strike on 26th November, 2009. These organizations have submitted a Strike Notice to the Revenue Secretary . The demands in pursuance of which the employees will embark upon the strike action are also enclosed.

Our organization decided in our Chandigarh C.E.C to go for strike after exhausting all possible means of persuasion and comrades our association feels that now we have no other option left but to go for one day token strike on our four (4) point charter of demand issued to board on 14.08.2009.

We are enclosing copy of the Strike Notice and charter of demand to all concerned. All the circle and branch Secretary’s are hereby requested to forward the strike notice to the concerned Commissioner/C.C on 10th of November with huge rally and continue lunch hour demonstration on every alternate day up to 25th of November.

Comrades we have our experience of three days strike and with the help of that experience we have to participate in this strike. To make it a grand success we request you all to intensify campaign programme so that a message could reach our Ministry that The Inspectors of Revenue Department have the courage to protest against the whims and fancies of the Government.

The Association surely assures you that we are ready to face any odd and to take any action if our cadre’s interest is not given proper importance. We believe in an administration that we are working only persuasion without proper action shall not bring the feudal lords into terms.

We have already completed our campaign programme in the whole of North India, part of South India and West except Mumbai, Pune and Andhra Pradesh we would like to request Branch Secretaries of Mumbai, Pune, Vizag, Hyderabad, Guntur to organize campaign programme immediately, 0n 16th and 17th of November Office Bearers are going to Mumbai for joint campaign programme with Income-Tax, another team shall go to Andhra Pradesh under the Leadership of N. Balraj and Vekata Krishnan by next week.

We have to complete our campaign programme at the most 20th November, 2009.

All the unit office bearers are once again requested to submit their remaining D.D.O certificates immediately.

Yours fraternally,

The President & ( Kousik Roy)

All Office Bearers of AICEIA

(for wide circulation of inputs to

the Members of all Circles/Branches)