It is to clarify that the Time Scale of 5400 in PB2 is required to be given to Group B officers after 4 years from the date there are placed in GP 4800 either on ACP/MACP or on promotion.

Monday, November 30, 2009


Blogger AICEIA said...
Com Vigneshwar Raju,

We appreciate the spirit you have for our organisation, we have respect for our former president except his repeatetive tendency of telling lies,
The only states he manages to keep with him is only Andhra pradesh and superficially Maharashtra, when we have visited we saw a lot of good intelligent guys in Mumbai who are not aware what was going on Hyderabad, try to understand a man who has no support in his own home turf how he could win others with his superfluous ideas; see we love him personally and we believe that it could have been better if he could keep himself as a good worker of our Association, we got very very good talented leaders like Tirthankar Pyne, R.Manimohon, Chandramouli, N. Venkatakrishnan, N.Balraj, Arun Zaqchariah, Shibaji Nayek, Shankar Rao, Virender Thakur, Manoj Kumar, Ashoka Narayanan etc but most of them were never in the top brass of the association, time has come to mark the Person who prefers only specified post and not the association, I myself engaged with the Association for the last 13years and a direct recruit of 1993 got the scope to work as Secretary General only in the month of December 2008, the rest Nine months experience as acting Secy general with our former president was simply horrible, it is not only me, my former secy general was about to forgo his promotion but improper action and inapt ability to handle the situation of our former president compelled him to relinquish his charge to me, never mind I am righting in a open forum for the fact that our colleague should know about the divisive factors and the reason behind properly. The states our former president mentioning who had not participated in the vote is totally false as none of the states participated in vote as there was no contest at all, Former president spat venom in the name of Kousik roy though I repeat I won't have any personal animity against him; he conducted several group meetings upto 04.00 A.M. in the morning of 11th of December 2008 and understood defeat is inevitable, I appreciate his stand not to fill up nomination form, and immediately after declaration of result he left the convention place and started spreading all these bull sheets he had written above; however I have no reservation in coming to hyderabad and answer each every question only thing is that I have received a threat call that I should not enter Andhra and Maharashtra. if you want more detail call Manimohan, Call Pyne or Zacharah.
November 29, 2009 4:52 PM

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Central said...

Dear Mr. Raju

Firts of all let me congratulate you for the intsrest and responsibility shown by you towards the cadre. But the only thing i find is your thoughts are misplaced and your apprehensions are unfounded. What would happen when there are two associations. Normally when an issue is to be discussed with the CBEC/Govt only two people i.e GS and Pres. go in and discuss. Now by having two associations we can have four people fighting for our cause and four are definitely better than two. One thing you have to understand Mr. Raju. You must be knowing that Hyderabad has been facing the problem of forced inter zonal transfers for quite some year. A couple of years back when the local association had taken up agitation undder the able leadership of pavan kumar reddy it was K.Prabhakar who had visited Hyderabad and not these Roy's Zachraiah's or Pyne's . Where were all these people then. Now that the proposal to form a second association whihc would endanger their very existence has come up suddenly they seem to be interested in you. This is nothing but sowing the seeds of division. Thy pretty well know that the telugu people , normally do not and will not let anyone from their region to ascend a higher post. It is precisley this trait of telugu people that they want to encsh. So do not fall prey to such tactics. Please think twice before going further with your program.