It is to clarify that the Time Scale of 5400 in PB2 is required to be given to Group B officers after 4 years from the date there are placed in GP 4800 either on ACP/MACP or on promotion.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

These are the comments of Sri.Koneru Prabhakar Rao to my earlier post. posted here for the comments of the concerned

KONERU said...
Dear PV Raju,

I have just gone through your comments on your site.
You are reproducing the words from our proposed assn site icestea.com, am I right?. so pl don't call it as vested interest trying to form a separate assn. as the Federation was recognised till 1993 RSA Rules were brought in to force. then from 1993 to 2006 Dec all units of federation inclu Hyderabad were unrecognised. It is my dedication and good work, which is known to all actively involved in Assn. work in our dept. knows. So on the eve of elections at Daman, on my request as President of AICEIA units like Chandigarh, Patna, Jaipur, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Vadoda, Rajkot amd Meerut attended the convention to become a member of AICEIA. But due to the partisan politricks palyed by the Kolkata, Chennai and Kerala units, inspite of my willingness to continue with the All India body, all the above units were declared not eligible to vote. Hyd was absent as elections were going on. the Membership of Mumbai reduced to 4 and pune 4. Kolkata was said to be 19 and 23 people attended the meeting by spending Rs 1 lakh just to ensure the posts should be shared.

Whereas, during my 2 years period i have spend 80 days of my leave and Rs 4 lakhs of my money as no one paid me except Rs 1200 (twelve thousand) for my effective work and activating the assn by several means. Till date they say they have no money.
Shall I ask you one thing?. When there is no money, NO recognition and no devotion from the office bearers, I stood as a dedicated man. I will surprise you " I served the INDIAN ARMY FOR 17 YEARS AND RECEPIENT OF SM, AND CHIEF OF ARMY STAFF COMMENDATION besides my assn with very great personalities as a team Member of Sail Yacht TRISHNA (Corps of Engineers and Sail Yacht Jaycus III of CBEC. I have visited around 40 nations and met several heads of state as representative of INDIA.

It is my pleasure if you want to know why the need of a second assn. I will be ready at any time any meeting with any body to speak the importance.

The one point I must mention, unless you know the otherside please don't spread wrong information or frame a figure.

I am proud to be an asn. man all in Mumbai Circle knows well and respects for the goodwork.

Since you are in the CC Unit you ask the senior officers of CBEC, RS etc about my sincereity and honesty, which are my two eyes and because of the two I am able see the future bright for the cadre, if we handle the issue properly and timely.

I look fwd for a gettogether,

with warmth regards,

Rao Koneru Prabhakar
November 27, 2009 8:30 PM

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G Rama said...

My Dear Prabhakara Rao,
Happy New Year. I am G Rama Naidu from Rajampet, Cuddapah Dist. Presently I am in Assam. My contact No. 09401100907. Please contact me.

Yours G Rama Naidu