Please contribute for the above cause. All to deposit contributions in AICE Insprs' Assn a/c No.800171737 with Indian Bank Patna West Gandhi Maidan Br IFSC IDIB000P027.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


1.Board is very adamant not to change the ratio from 13.2.1 to 17.2.1. Board is planning to issue the recruitment Rules having ratio of 13.02.1 within 31.08.12 and the said RR will be placed before the Apex Court stating that the verdict dated 03.08.11 is partly implemented and for implementation of the other part i.e. regularization of adhoc promotion since 97, Board will ask another 6 months time . Hence our advocates will oppose such move of Board in course of arguments.
2. Meanwhile our friends who have submitted representations for notional promotion are requested to approach their jurisdictional CAT for issue of a mandate to consider the representation in a time bound manner by Board.
3. Meeting of JAC was held at Bhubaneswar on 23.08.12 . It is also decided that the point relating to approval of RR is to be included in the charter of demands. Agitation with observing fasting and wearing of black badges will be held on 26.09.12 by all the employees of CBEC.

Friday, August 24, 2012


Dear friends,
good afternoon.
1) There was a meeting of CBEC with DOPT on auterity measures vs. cadre restructuring yesterday on 23.08.12. It is being listened that auterity measures would not affect the ongoin cadre restructuring.
2) The RR's have also been cleared by UPSC and presently are with the Law Ministry. These may finally be notified very soon.
3) A meeting was also held with JAC. One day fast bearing black badges will be observed on 26.09.12 throughout the country. All the units and office bearers are requested to kindly ensure that the programme is observed on 100% basis. Our main agenda will be immediate implementation of CR without any cut, at least 4 functional promotions to our officers and grant of the appropriate pay scale at par with our counterparts since the date of grant of the same to them.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


            All India Central Excise Inspectors Assocation, Mumbai Circle,
                    Ground  Floor New Central Excise Building
        115 Maharshi Karve Road, Churchgate, Mumbai- 4000 20.
Name of the Office bearers:
1.     Shri Chandra Bhushan  :-                                President
2.      Shri A.P.Dabholkar                                       Vice. President Z-I
3.      Shri Anil kumar Singh                                  Vice. President Z-II
4.      Shri Anil Kumar                                              Convener  Z-I
5.      Shri Venkatesh Subramanium                       Convener  Z-II
6.      Shri Shishir K. Agnihotri                                General Secretary
7.      Shri S.P.Bagwe                                                Joint Secretary Z-I
8.      Shri B.K. Sinha                                                 Joint Secretary Z-II
9.     Shri V.M.Kirtikar                                            Treasurer
                                        Executive Members
10.  Shri Anjum Lakadawala                                 
11.  Mrs. Jayanti 
12.  Shri Anthony Charles
13.  Shri Satish Naik
14.  Shri A.B.Ghawat 
15.  Shri Manoj Kumar
16.  Shri S.B.Ghag
17.  Shri Abhijat Shrivastava
18.  Shri Vasudev Mhapsekar
19.  Shri R.M.Ramekar
20.  Shri Alok Kumar
21.  Shri S.G.More
22.  Shri Shailendra Singh
23.  Mrs. S.Batatawala
24.  Shri Manoj Pandey
25.  Shri Manish Roy
26.  Shri Dilip Bisen
27.  Shri Milind Bhogle

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dates fixed for Physical and Medical Tests for newly recruited Inspectors by SSC in Hyderabad CCA

As it is known, Staff Selection Commission has allotted 150 DR Inspectors to Hyderabad CCA during July,2012 and the Dossiers of these Inspectors have already been received. This time, out of 150 new DR Inspectors, 37 are from Andhra Pradesh and the rest are from different parts of India like Delhi, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Maharashtra, Gujarath, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Uthar Pradesh etc. This batch is truly cosmopolitan.
Dates for verification of Educational qualifications, certificates relating to  character/caste/PH etc. and for conducting Physical Endurance Tests and Medical Tests have been fixed as detailed below.
I Batch  of 50 Inspectors    -  from   10-9-2012 to 12-9-2012
II Batch of 50 Inspectors  -   from   12-9-2012 to 14-9-2012
III Batch of 50 Inspectors -    from   24-9-2012 to 26-9-2012

Source: Hydexcust

Friday, August 10, 2012

Update on certain issues in Hyderabad CCA

I. Allotment of new batch of Direct Recruit Inspectors to Hyderabad CCA:
           A new batch of 150 Direct Recruit Inspectors has been allotted to Hyderabad CCA.  Hyderabad-II Comm'te has already received their Dossiers. Physical Tests and other such tests will be conducted in three batches starting from First week of September,2012. After these tests and antecedent/police verification will be requisitioned from all the candidates. Hopefully, appointments to this new batch of Inspectors will be issued very soon and the vacancy position in Inspector Cadre in Hyderabad CCA will be brought down drastically with the induction of this  batch,.
II. Promotion to Supdt Cadre in Hyderabad CCA:
          It is learnt that DPC for drawing a fresh panel for the period ending February,2013 is likely to be conducted since the present panel has already been exhausted. Once fresh panel is formed, some more promotions to Superintendent Cadre  in the first week of September, 2012 are expected against the available vacancies including retirements in Augst,2012.

Source: Hydexcust