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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Meeting of 6 recognised Associations with Board & Revenue Secretary,

The meeting of all the six recognized Associations was a grand success. Smt. Lalitha John Member chaired the meeting as the Chairman was very busy and heard the views of the Leaders. As no assurance was given the Team met the Revenue Secretary again and forced the Chairman to call the leaders for discussion in the evening. the details of which will be published in AICEIA National site by today evening as the Secretary General is still in New Delhi.


N. BALRAJ said...

We have been given copy of the Restructuring proposal containing 150 pages and the Board has agreed to consider out suggestions/comments on the proposal to be submitted before 26th of this November. It is a great achievement in CBEC Cadre re- structuring history that for the first time cadre associations are being heard before finalisation of the proposal. Hats off to the tireless efforts of the AICEIA in bringing all the Associations in one platform ( of Course the Supdt federation is yet to join) and start a new era in association activities. Great win for our unity. AICEIA Zindabad!
N.Balraj, ASG, Aiceia.

rajaguru said...

Now, Cadre restructuring proposal is an open document. Scanning may not be easy. But, you may spend a few minutes to make a synopsis of the proposals explaining the salient features atleast with regard to the post of Inspectors and Superintendents. If the Office bearers of recognized Associations can have access to the entire text, why the ordinary members cannot even have the synopsis?

kali said...

this movement is great for efforts of the AICEIA and this is only beginning we comrades have to do a lot. mainly having own quarters and office buildings and good corporate office atmosphere as we grow electronically.

waseem said...

good effort kindly see that insp. and sups also get time bound promotions as in group a