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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Central Government Employee – The Stats

(1). As per the result of Census Enquiries, the total regular employment under Central Government as per this census was 31.16 lakh as against 31.64 lakh of previous census. The employment has, thus, recorded a decline of 1.52%. (2). Employment in Ministry of Railways was the highest (45.32%) followed by the Ministry of Home Affairs (22.20%), Defense civilian (11.35%), Communications & IT (7.75%) and Finance (3.62%). Other Ministries/Departments collectively shared the rest of 9.76% of the total Central Government regular employment.
(3). Out of 31.16 lakh regular employees, 3.20 lakh were women. The proportion of women in the total employment shows an increasing trend. It is 10.28% in this census against 9.68% in previous census and thereby indicating empowerment of women.
(4). About 96% of regular Central Government employees were Non-Gazetted.The overall ratio of Gazetted to Non-Gazetted employees was 1:22. In Ministry of Railways, ratio, however, was 1:116.
(5). Amongst regular Central Government employees, 57.80% were holding Group-‘C’ posts and 30.62% were in Group-‘D’ posts(now Group-C). 8.63% were holding Group-‘B’ posts whereas employees holding Group –‘A’ posts were only 2.95%.
(6). About 21.13% of the regular Central Government employees were found to be in Grade pay of Rs. 2000 to 24000/- and only 0.47% employees were in highest bracket of pay range-HAG with drawing basic pay of Rs. 75,500/- & above.
(7). Amongst regular Central Government employees, 15.66% were working at offices located in ‘A-1’ class cities, 11.10% in ‘A’ class cities, 4.61% in B-I class cities and 15.31% in B-2 class cities. The percentage of employees in ‘C’ class and other unclassified cities was 53.32%.
(8). Amongst States and Union Territory Administrations, the highest number of regular Central Government employees was in the State of West Bengal (11.23%) followed by Uttar Pradesh (9.97%), Maharashtra (9.65%), Delhi (6.61%), Andhra Pradesh (6.44%) and Tamil Nadu (4.66%). In remaining States/U.Ts the proportion was less than 4%.

Source: Staffcorner

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