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Monday, May 30, 2011

Endless waiting for Inspectors.

It is more than the usual this time . All seasoned Officers know that  the happy go pastime of AGT starts as soon as the financial year is completed and it starts with the guessing game that AGT will be issued in April itself. But some wise guy interrupts and gives his gyan funda that we have seen this time and again and the first Orders can be expected only around May 20th or so.

But this time the ides of March seem to Have turned into ides of May for the Officers  of the Customs & Central Excise in Hyderabad and Vizag as still the IZT orders are not yet in sight.

Cell Calls are criss crossing across Andhra Pradesh in this  soaring temps of 110 degress fahrenheit.

Officers are enquiring whether  the file is moving, whether C.C has approved and so on .

One thing which beats anybodys comprehension is why so much time and energy has to go into this exercise of IZT, ICT and Commissionerate Orders when there is total decentralisation of Cadre Control Authorities.

Our Special reporter reports that Chief Commissioner Vizag is keen that a batch of Senior Inspectors may be posted to Vizag zone and its because of this that the entire exercise is taking time though the meeting of CoC was held on 18th of May.

Keep Guessing folks

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