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Friday, July 22, 2011

Now, driving licences to be issued in Union of India’s name

NEW DELHI: Next time around, the country faces a Mumbai serial-blast like incident, and a vehicle, suspected to be used as a conduit to trigger the explosion, the details of the automobile will only be a click of a mouse away, thanks to the highway ministry and National Informatics Centre's (NIC) centralized database of vehicle registration and the driving licences that was launched on Wednesday.

Also, in a break from the past, under the new system, driving licences will be issued in the name of Union of India that will weed out duplicity of driving licences. Officials said a gazette notification will be issued within a month to make it mandatory that all new licences would be issued as Indian Union Driving Licence.

However, this would not mean the Centre would step into states' shoes. "It aims to prevent anyone from getting multiple licences from different states. Once we have the centralized database, which every RTO can access, anyone trying to evade the law would be caught," said an official.

He added that those who already have multiple driving licences would also be detected soon, and if they fail to take corrective steps, they would face the music.

Ministry officials said the national transport portal will work as a gateway for multiple purposes for individuals and also for states and security agencies. "People can apply DL, RC and for hypothecation online; and by the year-end this initiative will facilitate online payment of various taxes, fees and transport charges," said Mahesh Chandra, deputy director of NIC.

He added that once the robust system is in place the vehicles' owners can also get SMS alerts of their payments due for insurance and renewal of insurance. "Now, we have a module of getting details of the vehicles' registration and driving licences. We are trying to get a four-digit number for this purpose," Chandra added.

At the launch of the portal and the national registry, highways minister C P Joshi said efforts should be made to make the users aware of these facilities since a large section engaged in the transport sector are semi-literate. He also urged for abolition of middlemen in transport authorities.

Source: Times of India

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