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Monday, April 22, 2013

AIACEGEO- Deferment of Mass Resignation.

Dear friends,
Good evening.
1. Hope that all the office bearers and units would have booked their tickets to attend the AEC meeting to be held at Patna on 25 to 26.05.13. In case of any help, the following officers may kindly be contacted-
                        Sh. B. K. Sinha-09430250270       Sh. V. N. Jha-09431522232
All the Zonal Vice Presidents and Joint Secretaries are requested to kindly convey the dates and venue to all the units under their jurisdiction/zone. Agenda of the meeting will be sent soon. Meanwhile, the host unit is requested to send the desired invitations to all the units and zonal office bearers.
2. One more meeting was held with the Member (P&V) on 18.04.13. Discussions were also held with DG, HRD. The note to be sent to the Cadre Review Committee have now been finalized and be sent to them anytime through the Revenue Secretary. Keeping in view the positive developments in cadre restructuring and maintain positive atmosphere, the mass resignation programme of 30.04.13 is now being deferred. However, it is not the end of the road. Our ultimate aim is parity with common entry counterparts. We may have discussions on agitational programme in the forthcoming AEC meeting.
3. The new sanction strength from AC/DC to Principal CC level has already been communicated to all. The increase (in addition to existing strength) at Superintendent and Inspector level is as follows-
Superintendent level-5160     
Inspector level-5040
4. The stepping up case of seniors in ACPS/MACPS has again been sent to DOPT for general implementation of Supreme Court verdict on it.

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