Hyderabad CCA Inspector to Supdt promotion orders issued

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Dear friends,
1. All are requested to kindly furnish the following information to the AIB treating the same as THE MOST IMMEDIATE-
i) Names of the Inspectors of Income Tax who have recently become Commissioner or Addl. Commissioner.
ii) Names of the Inspectors of Income Tax who are to become Commissioner or Addl. Commissioner in the near future.
2. The AIB has been given the understanding that a few units are trying to go to the legal court through some of their officers on the issue of regional disparities. If it is true, the implementation of cadre restructuring may be affected adversely and our senior officers waiting for the promotion at the fag end of the career may not be promoted & keep retiring without IInd promotion. As far as the regional disparities are concerned, the same will automatically be removed if we are able to get parity with the common entry counterparts for which a case is already being pursued in the Principal Bench of CAT by the AIB. It is, therefore, requested to all to fight unitedly to get parity with the common entry counterparts instead of inciting infighting between us. Such infighting may only stall the implementation of the ensuing cadre restructuring. So, it is advised to every body not to kindly take any step to harm the interest of our senior retiring officers.  
Ravi Malik.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ravi Malik Ji
I sincerely appreciate your efforts and determination for a focused fight for the welfare of the cadre. The association approach has been telling ever since you took over.
In the same breath, i have to point out that your view on the regional disparities is a pathetic inheritance of the past that can be done away with.
How long is the regional disparities issue in the Assn Agenda?
Do you think the assn can ignore the aspirations of its members without a visible attempt to clear regional disparities. Should it not take the responsibility to convince the cadre of the importance of doing away with regional disparities and demonstrate justice?
Will it not be just and proper to clear regional disparities and then fight for parity with common entry counter parts?
Assn that continuously let down the aspirations of a section of the cadre will not be justified in invoking the opportunities lost in the cases of some of our brotheren.
The association that fights for the rights of the members should respect the choice of its members. Only one question need be asked..Is their aspirations just and fair? It is more.

Raj Mahto said...

Please use RTI to get the information regarding Income Tax Inspectors who now work as Commissioner/ADC (IT) or are on the verge of promotion for the post.

Raj k mahto

M. D. Save (Supdt) S. Tax-I, Mumbai. said...

Dear Raviji,your efforts are commendable.But in your pursuit for implementation of C.R.which is being delayed by the administrator for the reasons best known to them(reason of austerity measures is just eyewash), you have forgotten to insist/press/persuade admn. to fill up vacancies of ACs by promotions. C.R. may give benefit to cadre in general but how the agony of retired/retiring supdts. will be compensated who would have otherwise retired honorably as ACs if existing vacancies would have been filled up from time to time. It appears that Federation is not giving importance to this issue and admn. has cleverly interlocked regular promotions and C.R. issue due to apathy of the concerned.Will Federation take appropriate steps to see that promotion order against existing vacancies is issued by the admn. immediately because there is not a single penny financial burden by giving these promotions.If this is done supdts. retired as ACs will definitely join the celebration post C. R. implementation else they will curse their luck and equally you people(Fed.)for ever.

Anonymous said...

It is better to finalise CR implementation on up-gradation basis so that all eligible officers with 10 years of service are up graded as superintendents and so on ........Then there will not have any regional disparity and even for inspectors with ICT who are having 10 year service will also get the benefit of the present CR

cheriyan thanki said...

who is going to believe that the issue of regional disparity will be pursued earnestly