It is to clarify that the Time Scale of 5400 in PB2 is required to be given to Group B officers after 4 years from the date there are placed in GP 4800 either on ACP/MACP or on promotion.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Update on CR

There was an emergency GB meeting of Telangana Supdts at Hqrs Hyd on 4.6.2014. Regarding CR  the President stated that as per the information received the allocation of staff file has been re submitted to chairman after incorporating the changes he made by DGHRD. The notification is likely to be released on 6.6.14 if everything goes well.


4 Fat Central excise commtes with 80 supdts each.
One audit commte with 90 spdts.
Two medium/lean Cmmtes(Customs & ST) with 60/50 supdts.
presently there are 420 posts existing in the zone.
Apart from this about 80 consequential posts are likely to come on account of AC promotions.

Regarding views to be submitted to CC, the members have suggested the following points:

1.There should not be any rotation of supdts from hyd to vizag zone.
2.During the CR implementation all officers of hyd working at vizag zone should be brought back.
3.If at all any shortage at other end should be filled up by the officers who have come to hyd from vizag zone  on a specific term and settled here illegally.
4.It was also suggested that a list of such officers should be obtained from administration and dealt accordingly.
5.In any other case, the tenure to vizag zone should be made only two/one years on promotion and rotation respectively as existed in old policy.
6. Assn views will be submitted again on receipt of CR Notification.


Anonymous said...

The Associations are not expressing their views as if they are working in Central Govt organization but as if they are state Govt Employees divided into two states. If such is the case, then the cadre controlling it self should be bifurcated and the Hyderabad zone Inspr/Supdts should not be considered for promotion against the Promotional posts arising in Vizag Zone. It is like they want the cake and eat it too.

Anonymous said...

the thing is clear, why the english men ruled on India, why we always suffers from these things ,,,,, shame on this. how we say we are educated, divide and rule is injected in Indian blood.

Anonymous said...

mr. blloger,
you should feel your great guilty and amend your post with feeling sorry, or as you wish.

Anonymous said...

Emotion and reason cannot be together. The above views reiterate the same. The Hyderabad Associations function for the welfare of their members. Always there were questions. Why the Inspectors and Supts. of Hyderabad are transferred to Vijag Zone without their consent whereas the officers of Vijag Zone usually does not move from even from one commissionerate to other? Now the Hyderabad Zone incidentally falls under TElangana state. But evern before that and evern before 2002, the argument of the officers of Hyderabad Zone are not to be shifted from here. There is no question of settlement of Vizag Officer in Hyderabad resulting in the un-settlement of Hyderabad officer.

Anonymous said...

Thats what exactly we are trying to say. When different states have different cadre controlling authorities and separate seniorities, after incidentally the Hyderabad zone fell into Telangana State why not the seniority is bifurcated at all levels?

Anonymous said...

Yes. Let the seniority be bifurcated. The Hyderabadis do not languish for somebody's posts. Nor do they allow some body in their places.

Anonymous said...

What is illegal ?
I will file a petition be4 the Hon'ble High Court of AP for provocative messages by the blogger