It is to clarify that the Time Scale of 5400 in PB2 is required to be given to Group B officers after 4 years from the date there are placed in GP 4800 either on ACP/MACP or on promotion.

Friday, February 10, 2017


Minutes of JAC Meeting held with Hon'ble FM on February 10, 2017

President, IRS (C&CE) Association greeted the FM and thanked him for granting time to the Joint Action Committee of all CBEC Associations. The President lauded the efforts put in by government in bringing this landmark legislation of GST aimed at One Nation One Tax. The President also conveyed the commitment of all CBEC officers in making this change a great success. The officers will put in all the efforts for a smooth transition. It was stressed and made clear that the officers are not against GST and not going on any demonstrations etc. the way state officers are doing.

The President  apprised the FM that such a major transition requires a motivated workforce which is lacking in the CBEC Officers due to certain decisions of GST Council. The President made it clear to the FM that officers are not hungry for power but the decisions made in GST Council are against the spirit of ease of doing business and not in the Centre's interest. It was also told how the reduced assessee base will effect the Service as well as the UOI. Parity issue   was also taken.
Thereafter, the President gave the JAC submission to Hon'ble FM which was carefully read fully by the FM.
Also, the President handed over the summary of Regional Chapters representations to FM which were also read completely by the FM.
 FM gave a patient hearing to the associations  and thereafter assured that he is now fully aware of the concerns and would discuss the same with RS & Chairman CBEC and will get our concerns redressed.

FM was of the viewpoint that there are two issues:..

·    ...    Shrinking of new hirings

·  ..      Boasting the morale of existing workforce and providing them ample career opportunities and proper utilisation of present work force.

The FM was of the opinion that post GST there will be increase in work of Income Tax Department  due to more and more assesses coming under tax net. This increase in work of Income Tax Department can be absorbed or transferred to CBEC. FM was aware that work done by CBEC and CBDT is quite similar in nature as both departments do assessment, scrutiny, audit etc. The surplus workforce of CBEC can be a boon to joint working by both departments.
The FM also said that merger of CBDT and CBEC can be explored but was also wary of a possible resistance from CBDT.

Further,  President informed the FM about major HR issues being faced by all service members and the solution can be achieved internally within the department. FM was very positive for finding the solution.

President also raised the  concerns of the service problems of Group B,C,D associations aldo and lack of promotion avenues . He  noted them to take on priority.

The meeting concluded o  a positive note with Vote of Thanks to FM for giving patient hearing and assurance to redress our concerns.

We hope for the best for all.

IRS ( C&CE) Association

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