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Friday, October 28, 2011

अंतर आयुक्तालय बदिली पर पाबन्दी हटादी गयी

सभी सेन्ट्रल एक्सैस अफ्सरोंके लिए खुश खबरी है की CBEC ने अंतर आयुक्तालय बदिली पर पाबन्दी हटादी गयी है. सभी कर्मचारी अभी अपने अपने होम स्टेट जाने का उम्मीद कर सकते है. CBEC के दवारा दिए गए नोटिफिकेशन आप सभी लोगोंके लिए यह नीचे प्रचरित किया गया.   

Lifting of ICT Transfer Ban


ICTmatter said...

the board's letter of October,2010 has opened ICT. But it very demorlising that it has not taken care of Inspectors joined after2004 from the date by which the ban was imposed on inter commissionerate transfer to the date of issuence of this circular.
The board decision to forego the seniority of the said appointees appears improper, unreasonable and against the spirit of law such as right to equality etc.
the said candidates have been waiting for lifting of this ban but not on the cost of loss of 7 years seniority. what was the fault of these candidate who have been appointed against all india base exam conducted by the SSC and said to be having all India seniority. is these candidate are liable this punishment in the time when the promotion are a long battle of even 20 years or they should be assure on the commitment of preparation of ALL INDIA seniority or timebound promotion

cex man said...

I am fully agree with the above comments, the ban was imposed by the Board in 2004 and lifted in 2011. It would be gross injustice for those, who were waiting for lifting of ban in all these years. The seniority should be protected when transferred to one CCA to another CCA. The appointment is being done on all india basis. Atleast once in a life time they should be allowed to protect the seniority.