It is to clarify that the Time Scale of 5400 in PB2 is required to be given to Group B officers after 4 years from the date there are placed in GP 4800 either on ACP/MACP or on promotion.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


All the Gazetted Executive Officers of Central Excise ,Customs
and Service Tax Department of Central Government posted through out the country
will take part in the agitation to be conducted during 24.02.13 to 01.03.13 ,
boycott the Excise Day on 24.02.13 and finally will submit mass resignation on 30.04.13.
The Gazetted Executive Officers posted in entire 124 Commissionerates have confirmed
their participation in the strike action.
The strike is organised by the All India Central Excise Gazetted Executive Officers, New Delhi on
the basis of the strike notice served on 31.12.2012 to Finance Minister of India for
a settlement of the 10 Point charter of demands .
The Gazetted Executive Officers of throughout the country
are mainly agitated over the delay in approval of Cadre Restructuring proposals of Central Board of
Excise and Customs and cleared by the Department of Expenditure since long
by the Department of Personnel & Training which is headed by the Prime Minister of India .
It is required to approve Cadre Restructuring in every 5 years but only 2 cadre restructurings
were approved during 1991 and 2001 by Central Government for this old Department which was
created during the year 1944. There are near about 12000 Gazetted Executive Officers
working in Central Excise , Service Tax and Customs Department but all most all of these Gazetted
Executive Officers are retiring without getting promotion to Gr-A posts. The reason
of such acute stagnation is mainly attributed for non conducting of Cadre Restructuring within
the time frame prescribed by Central Government.
The Gazetted Executive Officers known as Superintendent of Central Excise
are retiring after getting only one promotion in their service career on account of
decades long acute stagnation. They are deprived of the appropriate
pay scale/pay band & grade pay. They are facing the worst career
prospects and working conditions. The employee grievance redressal
mechanism has totally failed as the administration has no interest to
redress the staff grievances. The Gazetted Executive Officers of Central
Excise are forced to work under the extreme juniors of Customs belonging
to the same cadre.
The cadre restructuring is pending with the government for last 6 years.
The concerned authorities are taking nothing seriously in relation of any
of the issues.
In view the above, the Association is forced to decide to revive
the agitational programme . Accordingly, the notice is being
served upon by the Association on 31.12.2012 intimating that
all its members would observe protest week
from 24.02.13 to 01.03.13 by wearing black badges, having peaceful
demonstration in lunch hours on 01.03.13 and totally boycotting the Excise Day
function on 24.02.13 throughout the country. As a next step, all its
members also may submit mass resignations on 30.04.13 in protest.

The 10 points charter of demands as submitted by
the Association on 29.10.12 along with other points were discussed in the
meeting held on 02.11.2012 under the Chairpersonship of Member(P&V),
Central Board of Excise and Customs and the Member(P&V) was pleased to
assure the Office Bearers to settle all the grievances within three months.
The Member(P&V) was also further pleased to appeal the Association to defer its agitational
programme for 3 months. Accordingly ADG (HRM) of HRD, CBEC issued one
letter duly approved by Member(P&V) to the Association asking to defer the agitational programme.
Therefore , the programme was deferred for the time being as per the request of

Despite the assurance to settle grievances of association in the time bound manner,
not a single point has yet been settled by Board. Therefore it has been
unanimously decided in the Associate Committee meeting of the Association
to revive the programme during the month of February, 2013, if all its
grievances are not settled in time bound manner within 31.01.2013.

Charter of demands

1. Immediate implementation of the cadre restructuring without any cut as already
approved by the Expenditure. All proposed posts are required to be approved
permanently and be filled-up by the way of promotions only along with all
posts likely to be lying vacant within 5 years of implementation of Cadre
restructuring without any direct recruitment in group ‘A’ during the period.

2. Parity with other counterparts of CSS, CBDT, Customs etc. either in the
cadre restructuring or independent of it to retire our officers in PB-4.

3. Immediate fulfilment of the commitments like all the vacancies of cadre
restructuring to be filled up by promotions & extend this benefit for more than
1 years, creation of separate service for group ‘B’ executive officers,
promotion of group ‘B’ gazetted executive officer directly to STS like CSS, minimum qualifying service for promotion to gazetted post should be uniform for Inspector, PO & Examiner, all Inspectors, PO’s & Examiners of same year should be brought to same level of promotion etc. etc. made during the presentation on cadre restructuring proposal on 18.01.11 in consonance of the submissions made by the Association vide its Ref. No. 13/11 Dt. 27.01.11.

4. At least four functional promotions in the service career.

5. Immediate implementation of the Supreme Court verdict dt. 03.08.11/30.03.12
by framing “just, fair & equitable” recruitment rules and abiding all the
ad hoc promotions with the same duly granting notional promotions to
the seniors of Central Excise whose juniors of Customs have already
been promoted.

6. Initial grade pay of Rs. 5,400/- in PB3 w.e.f. the date of the grant of this
grade pay/equivalent pay scale to the other analogous counterparts of IB, CBI etc.

7. Time-scale in PB3 to the Superintendents completing 4 years of service &
promotions to all Superintendents directly to the post of Deputy Commissioner
to maintain parity between the officers of headquarters organisations and field offices.

8. At least a grade pay of Rs. 6,600-/ & 7,600/- on IInd & IIIrd MACP upgradation
without offsetting with time scale on the lines of MACPS adopted by
the State Governments like Uttar Pradesh etc. or even on better lines originating
source (i.e., 6th CPC) being the same.

9. Finalisation of in-situ promotion scheme under consultation of the Association.

10. Holding of regular minuted meetings under employee grievances
redressal mechanism.

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