It is to clarify that the Time Scale of 5400 in PB2 is required to be given to Group B officers after 4 years from the date there are placed in GP 4800 either on ACP/MACP or on promotion.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Update by Shri Ravi Malik, Secretary General, AIACEGEO on several issues

Update by Shri Ravi Malik, Secretary General, AIACEGEO on several issues

I.                   Cadre Restructuring:

1.Cadre restructuring proposal is still with the DOPT after the reply of their queries being sent by CBEC. Now, DOPT is of the view that it should again be cleared from the Expenditure keeping in view the ongoing austerity measures. The FM being the Head of the Expenditure also, there was scheduled a presentation of the proposal before him on 10.12.12 but he postponed it. Next date of presentation is being awaited.

2. A speedy reply of the DOPT queries was being expected by the CBEC after our meeting with the Revenue Secretary on 03.12.12 and the same happened too. A lot of thanks to the Revenue Secretary for his response and also having an unscheduled meeting with us without any pre-appointment on 03.12.12. It is being learnt that he has asked the CBEC to devise some extra measures independent of cadre restructuring also to remove our stagnation but it seems that Board is silent. He was reminded of DOPT guidelines regarding qualifying service saying that the same should not be merely for decorative purpose and only a genuine deviation from these may be understood but not 100 times deviation. He thought seriously something for a while on it.

II.               MACP:

         Our Chennai Unit is requested to kindly send the status of the MACPS case whether the advocate, as advised by him, has filed the contempt petitions because the matter is already delayed. If petitions have been filed, the copies of the same may kindly be sent immediately. If not, the same may be kindly be pursued for immediate filing. We should not forget that we are getting nothing under the current provisions of MACPS. All are requested that nobody should reflect before any authority that we are already getting the salary under MACPS and give us only the designation. Our officers are eligible only to get a grade pay of 5400/- after 30 years of service under current provisions of MACPS. It may even go beyond 30 years in case of our officers who got time scale after 20 years of service, if one more foolish clarification comes from DOPT saying that next MACP upgradation should be granted after completion of 10 years after time scale. Therefore, it is again requested not to reflect anywhere that we are satisfied with scales/grade pay being got under MACPS and we only need designation.

III.            AEC MEETING:

       All of our units are requested to consider the holding of AEC meeting. If any unit/s is/are interested to hold the meeting, kindly come forward.


      All the units are requested to clear their dues and donate maximum funds to the Association to make the organisation stronger. The funds are also required to hold the Associate Committee meetings being held in Delhi itself, for which expenditure is being incurred by All India Body or Delhi Unit to make necessary arrangements. We all have to avoid this burden on All India Body/Delhi Unit.

V.                  AGITATIONAL PROGRAMME:

      All are requested to be well prepared and motivate the members to boycott the Excise Day function, bear black badges from 25.02.13 to 01.03.13, peaceful lunch our demonstration on 01.03.13, work to rule only in relation of budget related work as well as revenue mobilisation/motivation talks with trade (no informal/unofficial measures are to be taken to achieve revenue targets) and conditional/under protest mass resignation on 30.04.13. On mass resignation, a few of us may a bit cautious but we have not to forget that conditional/under protest resignation even of a single officer is never accepted by the authorities. So, question of conditional/under protest mass resignation never arises. Even if accepted, there is nothing better than it because we are already forced to lead a disrespectful & poor life due to lack of graceful prospects, salaries, working conditions etc. Even though, the resignation may be withdrawn within 3 months in case of any of our officers has any doubt. But it is true that it would give a certain & proper message to the authorities. The units will have to collect the resignation of individuals in advance to submit to the concerned authority collectively. The due notice is being issued to the concerned authorities very shortly.


      A presentation was made by HRD on welfare schemes before all the Associations on 21.12.12. All the schemes are available on the CBEC and HRD sites. All the units and office bearers are requested to make the members aware of the schemes to get benefitted. All the units and office bearers are also requested to send suggestions/proposals/drafts in r/o medical reimbursement, ex-gratia grants, gymnasiums, canteens, crèches, guest houses, sports, scholarships to wards, sports centres, health schemes, group insurance schemes, medical insurance schemes, cash awards, financial assistance, recreation & outdoor activities, academic as well as professional studies, transport facility, education, schools, colleges, housing societies, office complexes, community centres, compassionate aids, deputation/loan allowances, parkings, goods canteens like defence etc., association offices with infrastructure, mobiles & laptops, bathrooms, libraries, banquet halls, transit accommodations, residential complexes etc. to devise new schemes, improve old schemes, make the schemes more beneficial and also utilise the welfare fund to its maximum without lapse. There already exists the welfare fund to the tune of 99 crores.

8. The correspondence made during around last three & half months is attached herewith.

9. The main decisions taken in the Associate Committee meeting held on 02.12.12 are also attached herewith.

10. The Member (P&V) has asked HRD to submit the proposal in r/o in-situ promotion scheme.


Ravi  Malik.

    Click here for latest correspondence made by SG:   http://www.scribd.com/doc/117992994/Correspondence

Decisions taken in Associate Committee meeting of 02.12.12

1. Recruitment rules should be framed in the manner of granting parity with common entry counterparts of CSS, CBDT, Customs etc.
2. In future, Pune Unit will visit the advocate with Secretary General & President/Sh. S. K. Pareek (previous President) in relation of Supreme Court contempt case regarding recruitment rules.
3. Delhi Unit will file a case in the Principal Bench of CAT seeking time scale in PB3 for our Superintendents completing 4 years of service. Delhi Unit may also file a few more cases in the interest of the cadre.
4. The Units will be helped in legal cases only on their request at the time of filing the case, if case is not filed without consent of All India Body.
5. All India Body will file a case in the Principal Bench of CAT against offsetting of MACP upgradation with time scale. All the units, where recovery is being made from the officers due to this offsetting, will send the details to All India Body alongwith the copy of recovery orders.
6. The units will clear their dues pending upto 31.03.12 as early as possible but before 31.12.12. The dues for the year 2012-13 will also be cleared by the units not later than 31.03.13.
7. The units will also donate maximum funds to the All India Body to make the organisation stronger.
8. The units will deposit the DDO certificates for the current year immediately with the All India Body.
9. No waiver of dues will be made in future to any unit and the subscription will be deposited with the All India Body on the basis of the sanctioned strength of the officers by the units irrespective of the number of actual subscribers.
10. If no serious steps are taken by the Board and other concerned authorities to improve our career prospects and redress other grievances, protest week will be observed in the month of February, 13 and mass resignations will be submitted in the month of April, 13.


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