It is to clarify that the Time Scale of 5400 in PB2 is required to be given to Group B officers after 4 years from the date there are placed in GP 4800 either on ACP/MACP or on promotion.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Meetings of AIACEGEO, Tirupati Unit with Chief Commissioner, Vizag Zone and Hyderabad Zone and Commissioner, Hyderabad-I

As already informed  we met Chief Commissioner, Vizag Zone in Vizag on 11-12-2012 and Chief Commissioner, Hyderabad Zone and Commissioner, Hyderabad-I Commissionerate in Hyderabad on 12-12-2012.
Meeting with CC-Vizag on 11-12-2012:

      The meeting went on for about an hour. CC was receptive and amiable. We have explained in detail about the contents of our Memorandum. We have highlighted the provisions of Presidential Order,1974 and Presidential Order, 1975 about the local and non-local status  of our Wards for admissions into Higher Education colleges in our state  and eligibility for public employment in the State Government. Based on these unique local factors and conditions, critical status of personal and family life  in which all the officers are placed at this juncture  including education of their wards, their financial position and tenuous health conditions of their aged parents,  we have tried to impress upon the CC, inter-alia,  on the following:
1. To minimise the dislocation of  the officers of Hyderabad Zone to Vizag Zone either on promotion or on rotation and undertake a scientific and rational study on the need to send officers of Hyderabad Zone to Vizag Zone and to find a logical solution to this perennial and pestering problem.
2. To reduce the present tenure of three years on promotion to Vizag Zone to  two years keeping in mind different yardsticks and legitimate reasons as enunciated in our Memorandum.
 3. To do away with regular rotation for the officers of Hyderabad between Hyderabad and Vizag Zone in view of large scale promotions expected to Superintendent Cadre against superannuation vacancies, implementation of CR and consequential vacancies arising out of promotions to Group-A  and if this is not possible, to continue the present tenure of one year on rotation.
4. To keep the tenure in years instead of days. For example if the promotion tenure is two years, it has to be shown as two years but not as 660 days.
5. To allow all the entitled leaves including medical, maternity, paternity, child care, earned leaves etc. to all the officers within the prescribed tenure.
6. To repatriate all the Hyderabad Officers from Vizag Zone to Hyderabad Zone after implementation of CR irrespective of completion/non-completion of the prescribed tenure.
7. To extend exemption to certain class of officers as specified in the Memorandum.
     On two issues Chief Commissioner was not supportive of associations demands i.e. reduction of tenure to two years, to maintain the one year rotation tenure and to allow all the entitled leaves within the prescribed tenure. CC has explained us the need to increase the tenure from three years to five years to avoid regula r rotation between the two Zones. However, we have taken pains to explain the need to reduce it to two years instead of raising it keeping in mind the educational, financial, family and social needs of our family and also to consider to repatriate all the Hyderabad Officers from Vizag to Hyderabad once CR is implemented without waiting for completion of the prescribed tenure.
   After deep persuasion and explanation, CC has come down to four years instead of five years. However, he wants the rotation tenure to be two years at any cost. On other issues, he said CC-Hyderabad can taken his decision. However, we are hopeful that with more interaction with him by other Branch Associations like Vizag and Hyderabad, we can persuade him to think of reducing it two years or to atleast maintain the present three years.
  Meetings with CC-Hyderabad and Commissioner-I, Hyderabad on 12-12-2012:
    Our meetings with CC-Hyderabad and Commissioner-I, Hyderabad went off well and both were encouraging. We have explained in nut-shell our views and suggestions to both of them. They said they are positive and have open mind  about all issues. However, the promotion tenure appears to be a tricky one and it requires a great panache and persuasion skills to enable them to accede to our request. However, both CC and Comm-I looked to be positive about maintaining the present tenure of three years on promotion and as far as the rotation tenure is concerned it seems they are also veering around to the view that it has to be increased to two years.
   On other issues like repatration after CR, allowing leaves within the prescribed tenure etc, they said they will discuss and decide all these issues during the meeting with all the associaitons. We have requested them to convene meeting with all the Associations including our Tirupati Unit  in A.P. and to supply copy of Draft Transfer Policy to the Associations before it is finalised for which they have agreed.

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