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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Update by VP-AIACEGEO on Contempt Case – Supreme Court Contempt Verdict – Postponed

The ruling of the Apex court in the contempt case which was scheduled to be delivered today has been pushed to March 2013  dashing the hopes of many a central excise officers ( Superintendents) who have been working for the past twenty years without any promotional avenue.
     The sources in Pune who are fighting the contempt case have stated that the case was listed at serial number one on 11-12-2012 and remained there till yesterday before mysteriously  disappearing .They have further added that efforts are being made to get the case listed and heard at the earliest by way of an out of turn hearing.
   What is very intriguing is the sudden removal of the case from the case listed scheduled for hearing on 11-12-2012.At present it is not very clear as to why and how the same has happened with such alacrity.
    Meanwhile the Federation has also resolved to take up the matter with all those concerned to seek justice for the badly affected  feeder cadre of Superintendents by way of conduction of a DPC for the existing vacancies .The Secretary General has addressed the CBEC in this regard.
     Our sympathies lie with the hundreds of officers across the country who face the prospect of superannuating with just one promotion in a career spanning four decades. We shall keep you updated with any developments on this front.
     A.Ravinder Singh, Vice-President – AIACEGEO

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