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Friday, September 10, 2010

Latest clarification on MACP

The Govt. has issued clarifications on MACP to be effected during the period 1.1.2006 to 31.8.2008 CLICK HERE


surya said...
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Sreedhar said...

Dear friends,
What Surya said is correct. We should concentrate more on the High Court case on NFSG 5400. At the same time we should use other avenues also like RTI which is the most powerful tool to get information. As the qualifying service for promotion to AC (PB3-5400)is only three years and most of us will get it in PB2 on 2nd ACP, there is no point in keeping us in PB2 after 4years. we should get details of other cadres who got 5400 in PB3 and the reasons for the same.
Kerala circle.

vengat said...

and among them the central excise supdt are only the most stagnating cadre, to become supdt and also stagnate in that cadre. Hence, there is no justification to keep this cadre in pb 2 after 4 years. this surely hurts when you see all and sundry cadres are placed in pb3 after 4 years. only reason that can be attributed is that ours is numerically strong

trichy branch

surya said...

Dear all
i don't think there is any confusion in this issue. What some Group B posts in certain Departments as reproduced in the AICEIA blog have been offered,are financial upgradations after 4 years of regular service in the grade, where as for other Departments the same would be obtained only after 10 years. The only contentious issue is that some posts are placed in PB-3 (Rs. 5400) while the rest are placed in PB-2 (Rs. 5400). We should also fight for placement in PB-3 (Rs. 5400), whether obtained, after 4 years regular service as Superintendents/Appraisers/Tax officers or, after 10 years in the grade / after completing the outer limit of 20 years of service under MACP. There is no justification in placing us in PB-2 as ours are the only revenue earning departments among the lot. As Sarkaria Commission had rightly pointed out the Officers working in Revenue earning Departments should be paid the highest salary as it would would motivate the officers to perform better and eliminate corruption. Hope the Association will do the needful to obtain this legitimate right.

Leslie Lim said...

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