It is to clarify that the Time Scale of 5400 in PB2 is required to be given to Group B officers after 4 years from the date there are placed in GP 4800 either on ACP/MACP or on promotion.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Relating to observance of agitation on 26.09.12 ,the detailed facts have been reproduced below for your information, basing on the following information you please prepared one press note and circulate to press for publication

Sub- Observance of one day hunger strike by employees of Central Excise and Customs department on 26.09.12.

While submitting its 52nd report on 20.04.2012, the Parliament standing committee on finance had interalia observed that “in CBEC the majority of Direct recruits Inspectors of Central Excise and Preventive officers (almost 98%) get only one functional promotion during average service span of 35 years. Main reason for such acute stagnation is the ratio (1:15) between the strength of Assistant Commissioner (Gr.A) level. In other departments of GOI the said ratio varies from 1:2 to 1:4.The Committee express their concern over the pathetic situation of man power shortage and desire both CBDT and CBEC to hasten formulation of a policy in this regard while giving interim relief to stagnating cadres. According to the Ministry, the Cadre restructuring proposal of both the Departments is under consideration of the Department of Personnel & Training. Since shortage of staff is the main reason for shortfalls in the performance of both the Departments, the Committee desires the Government to pursue the matter of cadre restructuring with the DOPT in a time-bound manner”.
But the Cadre Restructuring proposal of Central Board of Excise and Customs was submitted to DOPT by CBEC since long and after making drastic cut on the same, DOPT has forwarded it to the Cadre Review Committee. The proposal is still pending with such committee and waiting for final approval. Due to non creation of promotional posts ,the officers of Central Excise and Customs Department in general , Superintendents of Central Excise in particular are forced to retire in every month without further promotion after getting only single promotion in their career of 35-40 years. The drastic cuts have been made to the proposed posts at DOPT level in complete disregard to the minimum bare functional requirement and in contradictory to their own instruction relating to Cadre Restructuring. ..The AC/DC posts have been reduced from 4896 to 3600despite of the approval by the Expenditure. DOPT has sanctioned even the reduced posts at AC/DC level temporarily only for five years. DOPT has also stated that the additional posts at AC/ DC level would be released in staggered manner and only 50% vacancies would go to the promotee officers as per RR’s. These posts of AC/DC have even been bi-furcated by the DOPT despite of the fact that an AC has to become DC after 4 years of service in time-bound manner. It is also well pertinent to submit that the above mentioned 4896 posts of AC/DC were proposed keeping in view the functional requirement only of 2010-11 which now has increased at least by 80% due to the increased work-load on account of the introduction of negative list of services in Service Tax, opening of new Seaports, ICDs, Airports, major expansion of existing formations including Seaports, LCSs etc... It is not known when this Cadre restructuring proposal will be approved by Union Cabinet. Due to such delay in approval of Cadre Restructuring , necessary protest has been lodged by All India Association of Central excise Gazetted Executive Officers before the Union Finance Minister and Secretary DOPT, but till date no action has been initiated by them for early approval of CR. There fore it has been decided by the Association to observe one day hunger strike on 26.09.12 by all its members through out the country. The notice for agitation has been served to the Finance Minister and the copy is reproduced below:
President: Address for communication: Secretary General:
Lokanath Mishra240, Razapur, Ghaziabad-201001 (U.P.)Ravi Malik
Mob. 09437314941 mail Id: ravimalik_sweet@yahoo.comMob. 09868816290
Vice Presidents: SampatRai&VatanKamble(Central);AnuragChaudhary& Ravi Joshi(North); A. Ravinder Singh &Rajan G. George(South); A. S. Roy &Shubhrangshu Deb(East); P. D. Nimhan& S. K. Jha(West)
Joint Secretaries: Anand Kishore &LaxmiLalSinghvi(Central); N. N. Lal& R. K. Solanki(North); G. Srinath& S. Chandrasekar(South);AshwiniMajhi& V. N. Jha(East); G. K. Jhala& M. K. Misra(West)
Office Secretary: C.S.Sharma (Mob. 09313885411) Treasurer: N.R.Manda (Mob. 09871483585)
(Recognised by G.O.I., Min. of Fin. vide letter F.No. B. 12017/10/2006-Ad.IV A Dt.21.01.08)
Ref. No. 26/A/12 Dt. 05.09.12

Sh. P. Chidambaram,
The Hon’bleFinance Minister,
Govt. of India, New Delhi.
Sub: Notice for agitation on 26.09.12.
It is submitted with due regards that our members are retiring after getting only one promotion in their service career on account of decades long acute stagnation. They are deprived of appropriate pay scale/pay band & grade pay. They are facing the worst career prospects and working conditions. The employee grievance redressal mechanism has totally been failed as the administration has no time to see the staff side. The members are forced to work under the extreme juniors of Customs belonging to the same cadre. The cadre restructuring is pending with the government for last 5 years.
2. In view the above; the Association is forced to decide that our members would observe fasting, wear black badges and have lunch hour demonstration on 26.09.12throughout the country in a peaceful manner without hampering the official work ,if our demands are not taken care of immediately.
3. The charter of the demands is enclosed herewith.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

Encl: Charter of demands.
Secretary General.

Copy with the request for necessary action to-
1) The MOS, Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, North Block, New Delhi.
2) The Secretary, Department of Revenue, North Block, New Delhi.
3) The Chairperson, CBEC, North Block, New Delhi.


Charter of demands

1. Immediate implementation of the cadre restructuring without any cut as already approved by the Expenditure.
2. Parity with other counterparts either in the cadre restructuring or independent of it to retire our officers in PB-4.
3. Immediate fulfillment of the commitments made during the presentation on cadre restructuring proposal on 18.01.11 in consonance of the submissions made by the Association vide its Ref. No. 13/11 Dt. 27.01.11.
4. At least four functional promotions in the service career.
5. Immediate implementation of the Supreme Court verdict dt.03.08.11/30.03.12 abiding all the ad hoc promotions with new recruitment rules.
6. Time-scale in PB3 & direct promotion of Superintendent to senior group ‘A’.
7. Initial grade pay of Rs. 5,400/- in PB3 w.e.f. the date of the grant of this grade pay/equivalent pay scale to the other analogous counterparts of IB, CBI etc.
8. At least a grade pay of Rs. 6,600-/ & 7,600/- on IInd&IIIrd MACPupgradation without offsetting with time scale on the lines of MACPS adopted by the Uttar Pradesh government or even on better lines.
9. Finalisation of in-situ promotion scheme under consultation of the Association.
10. Counting of regular service in consonance of the letter F. No. A/60/13/RTI/2006-Ad.IIIB Dt. 26.05.11 of CBEC.
11. Parity between the officers of headquarters organisations and field offices as recommended by the 6th CPC in chapter 3.1 of its report.
12. Holding of regular minuted meetings under employee grievances redressal mechanism.
The JAC has also served notice for agitation on 26.09.12 , by all employees of Central Excise and Customs Department . The copy of such notice is re produced below:
15/1, Strand Road, Customs House, Kolkata-700 001.
(Kolkata Customs Gr.’C’ Officers Union Room)

Sri Sumit Bose,
Secretary (Revenue), Ministry of Finance,
Government of India, North Block, New Delhi.

Sub: serving of notice on the agitation programme slated to be held on 26th of September 2012

Joint Action committee in CBEC is a platform consisting of All Group ‘B’ (Gazetted & non-gazetted) & Group ‘C’ officers under CBEC representing more than 60,000 employees in the Department of Revenue. You are aware of the fact that being perturbed with the sheer negligence percolated by the different formations of Government of India inclusive of C.B.E.C the different Associations under CBEC compelled to go for one day Dharna at Parliament Street near Jantar Mantar on 27th July 2012.
To our utter dismay, even after the Dharna programme at Parliament Street, CBEC had not felt it necessary to have a discussion with the constituent organisations of Joint Action committee under CBEC till date.
Hence, Joint action committee in CBEC met in Bhubaneswar, Orissa on 23rd August, 2012 and decided that if CBEC is not willing to meet the leadership of Joint Action Committee within this period of time then the employees would go for one day mass fasting along with wearing of Black badges on 26th of September 2012.

We are attaching herewith our charter once again for your ready reference.
Thanking you,

Yours faithfully

Ashis Chakraborty Kousik Roy
09830163139 09831007827
Joint Convenor
Copy forwarded to :
Mrs. Praveen Mahajan, Chairperson, Central Board of Excise & Customs,
North Block, New Delhi.
Ashis Chakraborty Kousik Roy
09830163139 09831007827

1. Furnishing the Federations with documentary evidence of the Board’s proposals on the demands submitted by Federations on 25.01.2011 to the D.O.P &T,New Delhi and ensuring of obtaining Federations views and comments on the D.O.P&T’s decision on Board’s Proposal. Inclusion of all isolated cadres like Telecommunication wing, Marine wing and Chemical staffs whose restructuring is pending in the ongoing Restructuring of Cadres.
2. A committee may be constituted with the representatives from the each Recognized Federations/Associations and the officials from the CBEC to finalise the ensuing Restructuring of the cadre of CBEC as done in CBDT.
3. No reduction/abolition of posts in any of the grade belonging to Group ‘C’(non-ministerial), Group ‘C’(Ministerial) & Group ‘B’(Gazetted & Non-Gazetted) & Group ‘A’ officers as proposed by the CBEC initially and taking into account the submissions made by different Associations consequent to the meeting held with the CBEC officials on 18.01.2011.
4. Ensure at least 04(four) functional promotions in the service life across the cadre.
5. One time relaxation for regularization of the daily wagers/casual labours through the on going cadre restructuring.
6. The vacancies that would crop up out of the cadre restructuring exercise should be first filled up by giving appointment to all the pending Compassionate cases as one time measure, disregarding the cap of 5% of the Direct Recruit vacancies as provided in the relevant instructions.
7. Prompt and adequate consideration and redressal of the proposals submitted by the respective Federations/Associations in respect of ongoing restructuring of cadres of the CBEC.
8. Redefining of roles of employees in keeping with the procedural changes and deployment in an appropriate manner to all categories of Officers after proper training.
9. Restructuring of the cadres in consonance with the recommendation of the 6th CPC in Chapter 3.1.
. Four functional promotions should be ensured for executive officers.

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