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Saturday, September 1, 2012

IRCTC to introduce Rolling Deposit Scheme for online Train Ticket Reservation

Did you try to book in the recent time a railway ticket online under Tatkal quota through irctc.co.in ?  (irctc.co.in is a website of Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, which is an arm of Indian Railways that operates online reservation of train tickets)
It is really a tiresome process as irctc.co.in has made lot of restrictions in Tatkal bookings such as time restrictions, IP address restrictions etc., to overcome unscrupulous booking activities by agents.
These restrictions and irctc website’s poor response to high traffic in the peak time would really waste your precious time with no result.  Either you land up in a page with one line message  “Service Unavailable” on the top or you will be staring at the page loading graphics revolving in the seat availability area if you are lucky enough to get logged in and allowed to choose your train for a given date.
As of now nothing could be done from users’ side to improve these conditions.  irctc.co.in has to find a good solution to handle properly the traffic that it gets for online reservation.

IRCTC to introduce Rolling Deposit Scheme for online Train Ticket Reservation

May be the first step to in the process of providing a user friendly interface for online reservation of train tickets, irctc.co.in has planned to lanuch a Deposit Scheme called “Rolling Deposit Scheme” (RDS) for faster online booking.
The features of this Scheme is as follows:
It is scheme allowing passengers to reserve seats against advance money deposited by the passengers with irctc.  The aim to get advance deposits from the persons booking rail reservations is provide them fast service while booking online tickets.  It would also avoid failed bookings due to network connection failure between irctc and user banks.
Under the Rolling Deposit Scheme, a user can deposit money in advance with IRCTC and use it as a payment option amongst the other payment options available on IRCTC website for paying money at the time of booking tickets.
While official announcement on thie Rolling Deposit Scheme is yet to released by irctc

Source: Gconnect


P.Vigneshwar Raju said...

At last the irctc is taking a good step. Normally there is much delay in getting through the payment portal of different banks. This scheme will save lot of time.

Anand said...

I also agree the above comment..hope irctc will get more passengers.

Diwali said...

Ha Ha Hahhahahahahahahaha.......... for last 2 days we are trying to book a tatkal ticket in IRCTC..... I was not able to login into IRCTC. Went to the Ticket counter and got to see 100's of people waiting to book ticket...... Tried with Bus ticket, which use to be 800 for Volvo now costing 2000.... We now made up our minds, not to travel.....This is the way all Organizations working together to save our money

Shayari said...

If Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter etc can handle heavy traffic and not crash even once, why can't IRCTC handle the traffic. IRCTC is getting crores of money on just cancellation of tickets and commission, they can easily upgrade their system if they have a real will to do that.