It is to clarify that the Time Scale of 5400 in PB2 is required to be given to Group B officers after 4 years from the date there are placed in GP 4800 either on ACP/MACP or on promotion.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Appeals by Shri Ravi Malik, SG and Shri Lok Nath Mishra, President, Superintendents Asscn (AIACEGEO)

Dear friends,
good evening.
               If the IRS of CBEC can get parity with IRS of CBDT in the last cadre restructuring and propose their parity in the ongoing cadre restructuring with other better placed group 'A' cadres including IAS as per DOPT guidelines (AC to become Commissioner within 17 years), why  can't we also get parity with our counterparts even independent of cadre restructuring? If other group 'A' officers can get financial parity with IAS, why can't we also get it with CSS/Rajya Sabha Secretariat? If DOPT guidelines can be implemented in r/o group 'A', why the same also can't be implemented in our case? If others can get 5 to7 or 9 promotions, why not we? If they are unable to give us promotions equal to group 'A', they can at least give us 5-6 promotions equal to our common entry counterparts. If they have honesty in their approach, they can frame new rules accordingly to give us benefit. If they don't have the due honesty, we have to force them by our united efforts. DOPT guidelines say that our officer entered into job as Inspector (whether direct or promotee) should get the grade of JC, ADC & Commissioner within 12, 17 & 20 years respectively. A genuine deviation from the same may be understandable but extraordinary deviation is noway understandable. If so, it means that DOPT guidelines are meant only to befool us and benefit group 'A'. If guidelines are not being implemented in our case, why the same are being implemented in the case of group 'A'.
          Is this not the clear discrimination which is never allowed as per our Constitution, the Constitution of the greatest democracy of the world. Our great Constitution has no room for any discrimination or disparity on the basis of any class or category. If they can't give us the due benefit within the guidelines of DOPT, they can at least give us the due benefit at least at the maximum deviation of 1.5 (one & half) times. So, they can give the grade of JC, ADC & Commissioner at least after 18, 25.5 & 30 years respectively to  our officer entered into job as Inspector.

           The All India Association of Central Excise Gazetted Executive Officers , the organization representing about 11,800 Gazetted Executive Officers of the Central Excise, Customs and Service Tax Department, has embarked upon an agitation programme from 25/09/2012, demanding immediate approval of Cadre Restructuring proposal of CBEC without any cut as cleared by the D/O Expenditure, implementation of Apex Court Order dated 03.08.11 retrospectively as per judgement, granting of GP-5400 in PB-3 to the grade of Superintendent of Central Excise w.e.f 01.01.2006 , introduction of in situ scheme to remove stagnation etc..

The Inspectors who are joining in the department as direct recruit are retiring by getting one promotion to the grade of Superintendent in their service career. Whereas those similar placed employees who are joining in Income Tax department or in CSS or as Examiner in Customs are getting almost 5 to 6 promotions in their service career, While 1992 batch Examiners are being promoted to the grade of Asst. Commissioner, the 1975 batch Inspectors are still Superintendents and are being forced to work under the 1992 batch of Examiners who are quite juniors to them in service. The parity is the basic concept of our Constitution, parity in promotion is required to be maintained amongst the similar placed employees of same department, but till date the Govt. of India have not initiated any action to maintain parity in promotion amongst the Examiners/Preventive Officers and Inspectors of CBEC. The educational qualification, mode of recruitment and Grade Pay for these post are similar. The Examiner, Preventive Officers and Inspectors are being recruited by the same examination conducted by SSC. The Honourable Apex Court have decided that one should at least get 3 promotions in his service career. But Govt have not allowed two promotions to the cadre of Inspector of CBEC. Recently the Honourable Apex Court have decided for revision of recruitment Rules and making regularization of pending adhoc promotions since 97 on the basis of such new recruitment rules, but Govt. of India made contempt of the said order dated 03.08.11 by not regularizing the pending adhoc promotions on the basis of said new amended /revised recruitment rules retrospectively. Whereas in past in a similar occasion Govt made adhoc regularization with retrospective effect to allow benefits to the officers of the Customs wing. Major revenue of Govt. of India are being collected through CBEC. Inspectors and Superintendents are basically responsible for collection of such major revenue. But these officers are not being awarded at least two promotions in their service career and are not being granted with appropriate pay as has been granted to similar placed employees of Central Govt.

Considering the utter frustration of Superintendents who are languishing without any promotion for around 18/20 years and being forced to work under their natural juniors by 17 years, AIACEGEO had served a notice dated 31.12.12, on the Finance Minister of India informing about the proposed agitation starting from 24.02.13, if all the 10 points charter of demands are not accepted by 31.01.13 . The Member(P&V) has called the Association on 31.01.13 for discussions and requested its leaders to allow further time but the leaders refused to allow any more time as in every months around 100 nos. of Superintendents are retiring without getting any promotion to Gr-A. As the CBEC has failed to meet the deadline, AIACEGEO is constrained to adopt the following mode of agitation :
a. Boycott Excise Day on 24.02.13.
b. No extra work for Budget or collection of revenue to achieve target if any.
c. Only time-barring assessment work to be undertaken, & Show Cause Notices may be drafted or sent to avoid time bar if any.
d. Wearing of Black-badge from 24.02.13 to 01.03.13 & lunch hours demonstration with slogans on 01.03-2013
e. Non- attending of official duty beyond official hours and holidays (including Saturday and Sunday) etc.
f. Non preparation of drafting relating O-in-O or O-in-A or review order.
g. No protocol duty.
h. Mass resignations on 30.04.13.
The agitation will be further intensified ( if maximum of our Units are furnished their willingness to apply for mass casual leave during the last week of March 2013 or 1st week of April, 2013.)
All should try to avoid to perform any such duties , which are not statutorily required.
AICEIA has committed moral support for the above agitation, as the Cadre Review & Restructuring will provide adequate staff & officers, moreover if all the demands as raised by AIACEGEO will be accepted then all most all Inspectors will be benefited . Further these demands will surely boost the Revenue, which is primary for sustaining the developmental work undertaken by the Government.
All the Unit Secretaries are requested to serve notice upon the local authorities about observance of above agitational programme enclosing the copy of notice served by the SG on FM. All the Superintendents posted from Range Offices to Chief Commissioner Offices and all deputationists are required to join in such agitation. The lunch hours demonstrations with slogans, shouting and deliberation of speeches should be made in front of all CC offices/ Commissioner Offices/ Divisional Offices on 01.03.13 through out India..
The Unit Secretaries are also requested to(1) conduct preparatory meetings to motivate our members to join in agitation (2) make poster campaigning and (3) make press release for media coverage.
Friends please consider the present situation is do or die. If CR will not be approved within 3 months, then we have to forget the same as if election will be notified, the same will not be approved by cabinet. The Board is not in a mood to implement the in-situ scheme, which was already approved on 12.01.11 in Board meeting.


Appraiser Mumbai said...

i agree with mr. malik

Appraiser Mumbai said...

We non-Gr.A entries are considered lesser human and always discriminated against. We are kept in Pay Band 2 for ages and new entrant as Gr.A gets Pay Band 3 as he/she joins. They think we don't need any motivation in the form of Promotion or change of pay band. They need motivation of promotion every 3-4 years. They have formed a high rise on us. We the demotivated, demoralised lot who have no dreams of future left. Every restructuring, every Pay Commission increases the disparity and takes away what we have got after fighting for years..like ACP taken away by giving GP Rs. 5400 on Pay Band 2 to Gr. B even after putting in more than 20 years of service without getting even 2 promotions.