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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Update by SG-Superintendents Asscn (AIACEGEO)

Update by SG-AIACEGEO along with his detailed letter to Member(P&V) on the eve of his meeting with her on 31-1-2013  is published below.
Dear friends,
Good evening.
            1. Hope that every unit should have prepared well for the forthcoming Satyagraha/agitational programme already communicated. The Ist step of this stage of our progaramme has already started in the form of not to make any extra/unofficial/out of way efforts to achieve the revenue target. We have to follow only "work to rule" in this regard without making any out of rule efforts. We also have to follow "work to rule" in regard of budget related work. As we all know that the CBEC is already short of the revenue target for the Ist half of current financial year, we have to let the authorities know the importance of the work being done by us. So, kindly give them the due message by making the programme a grand success with our all united efforts.
            (ii) As IInd step, we have to boycott the Excise day function.
            (iii) As IIIrd step, we have to bear black badges from 25.02.13 to 01.03.13.
            (iv) As IVth step, we have to make peaceful lunch hour protest on 01.03.13.
            (v) As Vth step, we have to be ready to submit resignations under protest on 30.04.13 without any hesitation.
            2. Today was a meeting with the Member (P&V) on the agenda attached herewith. Every issue was raised before her in the quite firm manner. Let's wait for the minutes. She also requested to defer our programme asking some more time to resolve our grievances. She was conveyed that it is not possible without fulfilment of our demands as we find nothing to be motivated or job-satisfied under the circumstances facing the worst career prospects for decades under the CBEC. So, friends, kindly be well prepared to give the due message to all the concerned authorities. 
For Letter submitted to Member(P&V) on meeting with her on 31-1-2013 click here

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