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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Revised staffing norms as applicable to Hyderabad CCA in Superintendent Cadre after reduction in posts by DoP&T

The existing sanctioned strength of Superintendents in each Central Excise Commissionerate has been reduced to 50 from the present 80 – loss of 30 posts and in the Cadre of Inspectors it is brought down from 120 to 80 – loss of 40 posts. This reduction has been done apparently in view of creation of independent Audit and Service Tax Commissionerates. DC/AC Posts in CE is 10, Service Tax 13 and Audit Comm’te 18.
After this reduction, the following is the staffing pattern in the cadre of Superintendents in Hyderabad CCA:
I.                   Total Central Excise Comm’tes:   7   X  50   =   350
(3 in Hyd and four in Vizag)
II.                 Total Audit Comm’tes:                3     X 90   =   270
(Two in Hyd and one in Vizag)   
III.               Total Service Tax Comm’te:      1     X 80   =     80
IV.             Total Customs Comm’tes:            2     X 80  =    160
(One in Hyd and another in
      V         Present SEZ  SS Posts                                          50       
Total Sanctioned Strength
Including Customs Comm’tes
and SEZ after CR:                                                    910 
Present SS (including SEZ)                                      778
          Net new Posts                                                 132
            Consequential Vacancies:                              30
      Total Net New Posts                                         162

Note:  The new sanctioned strength is calculated on the assumption that the sanctioned strength of two  new Customs Commissionerates will be allotted to the Central Excise pool. Otherwise, if 160 new Superintendent posts of these Customs Commissionerates are excluded from the new SS, there will be reduction in the actual SS posts after CR  when compared to the present SS.
Source: Hydexcust

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