It is to clarify that the Time Scale of 5400 in PB2 is required to be given to Group B officers after 4 years from the date there are placed in GP 4800 either on ACP/MACP or on promotion.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Govt may reduce Income Tax

The government is working out reduce the Income Tax rate in the proposed Direct Tax Code in an effort to widen the tax base.
The Direct Tax Code bill is likely to be introduced in the current Monsoon session of Parliament.
The basic objective behind further lowering the Income Tax slabs is to make tax system user friendly as also help government to broad base its tax base.
The overall tax rates will be brought down and will be made in line with international standards.

The proposed tax rates are as follows
10 per cent tax on income of Rs 1.6 lakh-Rs 10 lakh
20 per cent on income of Rs 10 lakh-25 lakh
30 per cent beyond Rs 25 lakh in a year.

Source: staffcorner.com


surya said...

Dear all
The latest O.M. of Dopt dated 10.8.2010 is highly confusing and intriguing. When an officer has been initially appointed/recruited on the basis of reservation by relaxing the normal qualifications/standards ( not by virtue of merit) how they can be considered under unreserved quota at the time of getting promotions. Without the benefit of reservation they would not be recruited/appointed in the first place. If this order is implemented the balance between the reserved and general quoto candidates will be disturbed. Once roster has been implemented and reservations provided by the Constitution has been provided/achieved such foolish orders will disturb the existing ratio. This order is also totally against the verdict passed by the Hon'ble Supreme Court is R.K. Sabharwal case where in it has been observed by the Hon'ble Court that "It is to be remembered that the equality of opportunity guaranteed by clause (1) is to each citizen of the country while clause (4) contemplates special provision being made in favor of socially disadvantaged classes. Both must be balanced against each other. Neither should be allowed to eclipsed the other............if the reservation is permitted in the vacancies after all the posts in a cadre are filled then serious consequences would ensue and the general category is likely to suffer considerably. ------ On the contrary if the roster is permitted to operate till the total posts in a cadre are to be filled by the same category of persons whose retirement etc. caused the vacancies then the balance between the reserve category and the general category shall always be maintained".

This being the judgement of the Hon'ble Supreme Court, How the SC/ST Association is able to get such a flabbergasting order from Dopt totally against the Hon'ble Supreme Court Orders is to be investigated by CBI.

Members of Non SC/ST category Unite Now. We are being taken for a ride. There is absolutely no sense in vicitmising the members of general category inspectors in zones where rota-quota is being maintained as per norms. Still we the general candidates are not able to get Justice. We have to move higher Court and get Justice. But the Association is still being fooled/or pretending to be foolish and taking a stoic stand. The Association should stand by the Aims and Objectives and if any memeber who is acting against the spirit of the Aims and Objectives of the Association cannot be considered as the memeber of the Asociation. The action of M/s. Samiran Roy & Co whole heartedly supported by the entire SC/ST Community is acting against the aims and objectives of the Association. Still the Association Office Bearers is pretending to be unaware of the same and do not prefer to get justice for its general quota members on the fear that the SC/ST members will switch alliance and join some other group. What for do you want to hold on to your chairs if you cannot protect the rights of your members. Till now we have seen politicians doing such things in the name of vote bank, now very disgusting to note that our present office bearers at all india level are also doing the same thing.

Now the writing is very clear on the wall. Every friday on some pretext or the other M/s. Samiran & Co is managing to delay the lifting of stay. We have to move Hon'ble Supreme Court for Justice and also against the Dopt latest orders. Why the Additional Solicitor General is failing to convince the Court about the unnecessary victimization of the general candidates in zones where rota-quota system is being implemented is a big mystery.

Singh said...

Date after date.

You can't expect disposal of calcutta case next week. Assume that the case will be adjourned next week or judgement may be kept reserved.

The Cadre is losing patience. The OM 28036/8/87-ESTT.(D) dated 30.3.1988 of DOPT provides for ad-hoc promotions even in the case of injunction order by a court or tribunal. Then why penalise the Inspectors in those CCA s where rota quota is followed. Even the SC/ST category Inspectors are suffering alongwith General/OBC Inspectors in these Zones.

Can AICEIA take up matter with the CBEC to immediately withdraw or modify its directive dated 23.3.2010 to all CCAs.

Preferably, CBEC should take up this issue suo-moto to boost the morale of the cadre.

vivek said...

Those are rates notified in DTC1 and so far no indications have been given regarding these rates in DTC2.

meena said...

www.icestea.com. our other bother's flash news intresting dream. kuch jhute baath bhi ho lekin sun ne ko acha hai.may god bless us to make it true.