It is to clarify that the Time Scale of 5400 in PB2 is required to be given to Group B officers after 4 years from the date there are placed in GP 4800 either on ACP/MACP or on promotion.

Friday, August 27, 2010


It is time now to take up the issue with the Board to issue promotions with retrospective effect ie. from 1.3.2010/1.7.2010. There are many of members who have come under the cloud of Vigilance Cases after 1.4.2010 and are going to loose their legitimate promotion because of the Board circular. Had the Court or the Board not stayed the DPC or promotions, these officers would have been not effected. Also in the case of officers retired during this period, who are going to loose their legitimate right of becoming Superintendent.

So kindly take up this issue at top priority before the Board issues the letter /circular withdrawing the earlier STAY circular.


rajaguru said...

Please state whether the review DPC is to be conducted from 1997 or 1995?
What are all the cadre controlling Zones where injustice meted out to SC/ST officers? Who is benefited from the decision of Kolkatta High Court? Will there be any reversion for anybody? Is the dispute over or there will be next round of litigation in the Apex court?

An unbiased comprehensive analysis of the issue is the need of the hour.

rajaguru said...

Practically, none can question the privilege granted to the SC/ST category as per the constitution. The arguments based on bias and prejudice of the respective sides should be stopped forthwith. Suggestions, abuses, ill feelings etc cannot take us anywhere as they cannot achieve any benefit for the officers of General category. The silence of the Association is illustrative of this factual position.

Whether the General category likes it or not, reservation cannot be stopped or denied or altered or diluted. The requirement is only correct interpretation of the provisions of the constitution. Apex Court had already done it. Then, what is the use of raising a hue and cry against reservation policy?

Let SC/ST officers get the benefits as per the principles enshrined in the constitution. Let them get promotion in Class I posts also. In all the other places also, where such facility has not been extended so far.

The site administrator should not encourage any comments that instigate the hostilities among the officers based on the caste or question the spirit of the constitution. LET THIS POINT BE THE FULL STOP!

Singh said...

The matter seems to have been discussed by DOPT with National Commission of SC and if implemented from 1995, the SC promoted in excess of post based roaster will become adhoc and lose seniority. This is a matter concerning all India and not cbec alone.

N. BALRAJ said...

Please see the letter of President AICEIA addressed to the Chairman on this issue. It will also be followed.

rajaguru said...

While nobody had projected a clear picture on the implications, I understand from the general talk as follows: (i)the general category officers will lose their seniority to a great extent at all levels in all the government departments including State government officers, PSUs etc. (ii) the injustice to SC/ST officers was done in Zones like Chennai, Kolkatta etc. (iii) the review DPC would be conducted from 1997, which would be officially monitored by the SC/ST officers. (iv) SC/ST officers desire to have the review DPC from 1995. Their argument is that if the Supreme court verdict is the basis for DOPT order dated 10.8.2010, then the implementation of the order should also be from 1995, the year in which the Hon'ble Apex Court had pronounced the verdict.

Who can give a clear picture?

murali said...

Dear Shri Raju
I am one of the persons who is affected by the delay due to the conduct of DPC consequent to the High Cort stay. I have been issued with a chargesheet on 30.7.2010. If the DPC had been held on 24.03.2010 as scheduled in Chennai Zone, I would have had a fair chance of getting promoted. At least if it is effective from 01.07.2010, I stand a chance. Otherwise, I lose the opportunity inspite of being the 12th in the seniority list. Kindly take up this matter.
Inspector of Central Excise

RAJAN said...

Dear Raju,
The cut of date of 01.03.2010 and 01.07.2010 for the promotion in the year 2010 is correct and justified.
We all have to unitedly pursue this matter with CBEC BOARD for issuing a clear instruction to all zones in this regard.