It is to clarify that the Time Scale of 5400 in PB2 is required to be given to Group B officers after 4 years from the date there are placed in GP 4800 either on ACP/MACP or on promotion.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Details of all Associations meeting with CC-Hyderabad for framing of new IZT Policy held in Hyderabad on 11-3-2013 and also meeting of all Associations (AIACEGEO) of A.P. in Hyderabad held on 10-3-2013..

As informed earlier, we have attended the meeting convened by  CC-Hyderabad today i.e. 11-3-2013 at 11.30 AM. All Superintendents Associations of A.P. i.e. Hyderabad, Tirupati, Guntur, Vizag I & II   have attended the meeting.  This is a joint meeting of all the Superintendents and Inspectors Association of Andhra Pradesh for framing of IZT policy for Superintendents and Inspectors separately.  Apart from Chief Commissioner, Hyderabad, all Commissioners of Hyderabad Zone i.e. Hyd-I to Hyd-IV have attended the meeting.  All  Additional Commissioners (P&V) of Hyderabad Zone  have also attended the meeting. Smt. Shiva Nagakumari, Commissioner, Vizag-II has represented the  CC-Vizag Zone.

            Though as scheduled all the Branch Associations of AIACEGEO of A.P. have met in Hyderabad yesterday, a common memorandum based on common minimum programme, though arrived at after much consultations and confabulations, has to be abandoned at last minute due to some unforeseen circumstances from Hyderabad Zone Branch.  

            On behalf of Tirupati, we have reiterated whatever points we have submitted to both the Chief Commissioners personally on 12-12-2013 and 13-12-2013, which are summarized as detailed below.

1.      To reduce the present promotion tenure from three to two years due to peculiar local conditions prevailing in A.P.
2.      To continue the present rotational tenure of one year.
3.      To give only one year tenure on promotion to  Vizag Zone to the lady officers.
4.      To change the present days based tenure to years based i.e. instead of 330 days to one year and so on and to allow all  entitled leaves  except loss of pay leaves to the concerned officers during their tenure in Vizag Zone.
5.      To repatriate all the officers of Hyderabad Zone working in Vizag Zone back to Hyderabad Zone irrespective of completion or non-completion of their prescribed tenure on implementation of Cadre Restructuring.
6.      To reduce the present residency period of eight years for Vizag based officers to be eligible to apply to Hyderabad Zone to five/four years.
7.      Exemption from tenure transfers to Vizag Zone should be given on extreme medical grounds, children education of either tenth or intermediate second year and on spouse grounds.
8.      To exclude all the deputation tenure i.e. deputations to SEZs, Airports, Directorates etc. of the officers of Hyderabad Zone working in Vizag Zone  should be excluded from their prescribed Vizag tenure.
9.      To repatriate all the tenure completed officers to Hyderabad Zone  immediately on completion of their tenure irrespective of availability of substitutes or not in their places.  
10.  To furnish a Draft Transfer Policy to us before its finalization.

We have presented our case vehemently, forcefully and persuasively to the Chief Commissioner. There seems to be a consensus among all the Branch Associations about the said exemptions. Though Hyderabad Zone Branch has also supported the reduction in promotion tenure to Two years, it  has broadly asked for continuation of the existing IZT policy. Guntur and Vizag based associations have requested for removal of the present cap of five officers per annum  who come to Hyderabad or to increase it to at-least 10. Guntur and Vizag based associations have also requested for reduction in residency period from the present eight years to three years.

Chief Commissioner has also elicited the views from all the Commissioners and has noted down personally all the points raised by all the Branch Associations. Chief Commissioner has promised to give a transparent and mutually accepted transfer policy by making only minimum changes to the existing transfer policy. Chief Commissioner has stated that a draft transfer policy will be circulated to us latest by 13-3-2013 after which it will be finalized by the end of this month.

Since the Chief Commissioner is going on training programme in ISB-Hyderabad  from 1stto 11th of April,2013 and in USA from the second week to the last week  of April,2013 and on leave in the first week of May, it is hoped that Final IZT policy will be issued by the end of this month.

Source: Hydexcust

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