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Saturday, March 2, 2013


All Members of AIACEGEO.


At the very outset, I would congratulate all members of AIACEGEO for successfully implementing the Agitation call given by the Association in pursuit of our genuine and just demands.

All our Members may also note that vide letter dated 26.02.13, the Member(P&V) has informed that CR proposal of CBEC is at advance stage of approval. Whereas vide letter dated 15.02.2013, Board has informed that- ' FM had sought some clarification on some proposals and Board is finalising the reply to these clarification and will be submitted before FM very soon'.- Hence there is no meaningful outcome from the assurance letter issued by Member(P&V)CBEC.

We have decided to tread the path of agitation only after a threadbare discussions in our AEC Meeting and after giving due notice to FM . We sincerely believe that the demands raised are not only genuine, but are vital for the very survival of our members both literally and career-wise in the Department. We will conduct our AC meeting on 16.03.13 at Delhi to review of the agitational programme. The SG has already served the notice for such meeting stating the following-

-'Associate Committee Meeting will be held at Delhi on 16.03.13 at Hotel Solitaires, opposite Laxminagar main market, near Laxminagar Metro station, 37th Metro Pillar, Shakarpur, Vikas Marg, Delhi. Meeting will start at 11 a.m. on the single agenda of review of agitational programme.
All of the zonal office bearers may kindly make it convenient to attend the meeting. The office-bearers coming to attend the meeting may send their confirmation within 5 days directly to the Office Secretary, Sh. C. S. Sharma, keeping in view the proper arrangement of fooding.
No need to say that all the zonal office bearers may also kindly get the views of the units of respective zones on the issue before coming for the meeting'--.

All the Unit Secretaries are therefore requested to send the proposals/suggestions of their respective units with reference to revival of the present agitational programmee to AIB through the regional Vice Presidents and Joint Secretaries for discussions in the meeting.

A request letter has been written to AICEIA seeking their support for the agitation and with a request to join in the agitation. In many places Inspectors have also joined in our agitational programme locally. With the support of AICEIA, we are sure that the haughty Administration will have to eat a humble pie and resolve all our issues.

The boycott of Central Excise Day on 24-25.02.2013 and lunch hours demonstration on 01.03.2013 , for which the call was given by the AIACEGEO was a tremendous success and these can be described as -'GLORIOUS'-. Not only the Superintendents & Inspectors but also other staffs of Central Excise Department supported the strike action throughout the country. The overwhelming response in the mightiest strike action ever of the Central Excise Department is indicative of the growing anger against the defective HR policies pursued by the CBEC. There had been constant and continuous increase in stagnation problems and anomalies on pay matters amongst the employees in Central Excise Department.

All members are requested to be prepared to SUBMIT RESIGNATION ON 30.04.2013 and resolutely fight against the divisive and partisan attitude of the Board, which is systematically being resorted in a calculated manner such as to adversely affect the career prospects of all Central Excise Gr-B officers ( both Gazetted and non Gazetted). Leaders of all Units are requested to conduct awareness programme in their respective regions, by giving adequate publicity to this and strive their best to keep the morale of officers at an exalted level, which alone can ensure better performance for one & all.
With greetings and once again conveying my sincere gratitude and congratulations to all the Superintendents/Inspectors of Central Excise and the active leaders of AIACEGEO & AICEIA who made the strike ( boycott of Central Excise day and lunch hours demonstration on 01.03.13 ) a magnificent success.


Yours comradely,



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