It is to clarify that the Time Scale of 5400 in PB2 is required to be given to Group B officers after 4 years from the date there are placed in GP 4800 either on ACP/MACP or on promotion.

Friday, March 29, 2013


Message received from Mr. Ravi Malik SG , AIACEGEO
Subject: Deferment From: Ravi Malik Thu, 28 Mar '13 10:38p
Dear friends,

Good evening.
Both of the Associations (Superintendents and Inspectors) were called by the Board today. First meeting was held with the Member (P&V) alongwith DG & ADG of HRD to request the Associations to defer/withdraw the programme. The Associations said that both would sit together before giving any final reply. After it, both Associations sat together and discussed all ‘if & buts’ and decided to defer the programme for the time being as a combined decision. Then again, both sat with Member (P&V) and further with the Chairperson.
Chairperson was of the views that we don’t know how much revenue we would lose by our strike or how much we gain by attending the office but at least this is the time to stand in support of FM to give him the due message to get our work done from him without any adamant attitude. We were intimated by both that the Cadre restructuring file is already on the table of FM after clearance by RS. They assured that the same would be pursued with him and, in all probabilities, a positive decision by him is very much expected after his return from abroad. The Board and RS have recommended the revival of the 4896 posts of AC/DC which were scaled down to 3600 during the 1.3.12 meeting between the then FM and DOPT Minister. After clearance by the FM, the file will go to the DOPT/cadre review committee. They further assured that the FM would also be pursued to get the same cleared by DOPT/cadre review committee by using his influence. It was also clarified by the top brass that the need to send it again to the Expenditure will also expectedly be covered in FM’s clearance. They also expected that the cadre restructuring of both, CBEC & CBDT, would be cleared together by the cabinet.
As regards other demands of the Association, it was assured that all of the issues would be dealt with priority now onward. DG, HRD was directed to write to the UPSC and pursue the matter for holding of the DPC for promotion to the existing vacancies of Asstt. Commissioner at the earliest. The concerned DS was also directed to immediately issue the letter regarding not to offset ACP benefit with time scale. He was also directed to take necessary action on the Board letter issued under the signature of Sh. Dharmvir Gupta for payment of arrears to our officers (then Inspectors) since 1986 at par with the Inspectors of CBI and IB. He was also directed to put up the letter sent by the Expenditure in regard of anti-dating of the pay scale of the Superintendents. It was also assured that the action on the other issues as discussed in the meeting of 31.1.13 would also be taken and a further meeting would be held soon before expiry of 3 months.
Accordingly, both the Associations took the decision to defer the programme of 29-31.3.13 for the time being. As far as the programmes of 12.4.13 (to march to the residence of FM in uniform) and 30.4.13 (mass resignations) are concerned, the same stand as it is if no further change happens in the situation.
The Association appreciates and thanks all of its units and members for the all united and strong message given by them to the concerned authorities. All are requested to kindly keep the morale and spirit ever high and be prepared for every future programme, if all of our grievances are not redressed within due time. Some may not be happy with this deferment and some other may be satisfied & happy considering it a mature step as per the circumstances. Despite of the possible diverse ideologies, all are requested to be ‘all united’ to give them the ‘strongest’ message in future too. The actual aim to mount the required pressure on them was fulfilled in a very remarkable manner, all are thanked very much to show the required spirit despite of the ‘acute time constraint’. All of us, who were active for the cause of cadre, really deserve ‘high kudos’.


Anonymous said...

This is the nth time the association/federation calls for a protest and based only on the assurances of the members/chairman/chairperson,withdraws the same. Repeated action of this nature will go to show that the Assn. is a toothless snake which can only make noise but cant bite and can easily passified with music. Before calling for drastic action from the members like mass resignation, the action proposed like staying away during the year end would have given the members the confidence to believe that if Assn/Fedn calls for some type of protest, then it means some protest in real sense and not any joke.
Under these circumstances, how do you expect the grassroot members to lay down their resignation on 30.04.2013.

Anonymous said...

We would like to know any minutes are there for the meetings held. Any written agreement signed? How to ensure the claims of the Asson. and acceptance and assurances of the Board mentioned in the SG letter are true, according to the Board. What is the assurance it will not be disputed by the Board later?

Anonymous said...

It is no surprise that the agitation program was called off by the greatest of the putative humbuggers. The Board is again successful with their usual lullaby of empty promises to calm down the crying child. We will have to go through the pain for few more months and years till we retire. Till such time let us call ourselves pillars, posts, walls, arches and toilets of the department. Who is going to bother about us? What are we going to achieve by marching in uniform to the residence of FM? Mass resignation is another bullshit. Let us not get ourselves fooled again.